ar all “Gwei” then…..

My people….it is just ignorance…..

 I was booking a table for Friday with several of my workmates. I rang up the Chinese resturant obviously speaking in Catonese. He couldn’t hear me, so I have the shout (This is very typical by the way. That is why Chinese are normally quite loud.) Ok. Confirmed the time and number of people etc etc. Then I mention I will be the only Chinese.

And then he said.

 “ar all Gwei then!” (Gwei means Ghost)

“Gwei Lo” is a Cantonese slang (see Wiki – for full details)

Here is an extractraction.

Gweilo (??; Jyutping: gwai2 lou2; Cantonese IPA: kw??35 l??35; sometimes also spelt Gwailo) is a Cantonese term for Caucasian people (generally men). It literally means “ghost”, “ghost man” or “ghost chap”and arose to describe the pale complexion, the sometimes “red hair and green/blue eyes” (????; Jyutping: hung4 seoi1 luk6 ngaan5) of Caucasians. When the term is translated into English, it is often translated as foreign devil. The term arose in the 19th century and is associated with the demonization of Europeans during the occupation of China by foreign powers.

So I will be having dinner with 10 other ghosts (2 Gweipor and 8 Gweilo) on Friday night so wishes me luck.

Take care.



For the people who concern about my last post. Nothing happen. They didn’t even have the courtesy to get back to me.


Accents is like a piece of clothing. However it is normally quite permanent. I like accent because it defines people.

 I think I speak quite plain English. I don’t have a Hong Kong – English accent nor a Cornish accent. Generally people think I am from the South. But I have a funny habit. When I am around people speaks with accents I tend to pick those up.

The following is my own opinion – league table of accents against sexiness.

Scottish + Asian

Take Care,