Enviros Xmas Party + ETC

Hi all,

Happy New Year soon.

Let me recap on my work’s Xmas do.

This year we had our Xmas do at the Yang Sing (Apparently the best in China Town).

Might be on reputation but not on food any more! It is Yang Shit from now on!

Mark in the office gave me a lift to town. Thanks. So we were there pretty earlier. I am as many of you know not that sociable but so end up speaking to whoever was next to me. The waiter directed us away from the bar area to our table. This year there were 55 of us and allocated to 4 big and 1 small table.

My day started off very well, I’ve got a scalextric for my secret Santa (Thanks Andrew C). I was lazy this year, I got someone a bottle of Martini Asti. I have heard that it was opened and shared around the office. So at least I known it is of some use! And also work-wise. I was at a meeting and although I haven’t done much work we were able to keep the client relatively happy and no DIFFICULT questions.

Sorry back to the party.

Let just say I weren’t at the right table. I don’t want to offend anyone! So the food was crap, etc. People who came out on the SOGS Xmas dinner with me will acknowledge that meal was £30 including drinking and still has enough spare changes for a round of drinks afterward. And not to stress the food was good since I ordered from the “Chinese Menu”, excellent in fact. So here at Yang Shit it was £32 not including drinks, I felt very much let down striaghtaway.

Anyway after the dinner we moved on to the third floor where the PUB is. trust me it does look like a pub and a dancefloor. When we were there, there were alot of people there (the second sitting people), too crowded to my liking. Anyway still very much sober but started to get some free drinks. (In return for fixing David’s PC, I kindly accept the currency “BEER”). Still very full at this stage. The pint of boddies went down very slowly. But then there was a surprise.

Someone came over and chat to me. It was a girl. Not from the office. At first I can’t really tell how old she was, mid 20s but my mind just went dead. I know she is called Rebecca and works for Stockport Council. Not that much more, unfortunately I was too shy I guess and the conversation did really last that long. What a shame but anyway I was quite happy then.

There was funny moments like one of my directors perform a CLASSIC “YOUR DAD’s DANCING”. Classico!! very funny and yet very embarrassing. There were also other embarrassing moments, he was talking to me and try to invite me over for Christmas. I have already said I have plans but he went on and said. (PLEASE NOTE I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL THAT HE ASKED BUT UNFORTUNATELY I REALLY DID HAVE PLANS!!!!!!!!!)

“Oh, you don’t really want to meet my daughter then!”

What should I suppose to say! The truth!

I was still embrassed about his dancing. So can’t really just say “Great yeah thanks”.

And I hate to be setup! It will just be too awkward. Thanks but no thanks

Ok and there is more to come.

I didn’t have the courage to speak to that girl again but anyway, I will learn next time.

After Yang Shit, we went to Orchid Karaoke bar. Again very crowded and I didn’t realise then one of my director fell off the long stairs and landed on top of a female colleague. I was just following the main crowd (about 10 left now!) didn’t realise anything had happended. We had one drink and went to the Ibis hotel where some of them are staying. The bar was closed and we were just waiting. A couple of girls got their jeans on (It was cold and they are not from Newcastle!)

We then searched for a bar. Bare in mind it was about 2am, now that everywhere are closed or closing. But we stumbled into Charlies – A Chinese karaoke bar. Sorry a dodgy Chinese karaoke bar to be precised. It was full of Englishs so that was alright. But I was constantly telling people that this place is well dodgy. Anyway we left at about 3am, got a taxi lift and my night was finished.

Please tell me your Xmas party memories too.


“The Piano Player”

Sorry the shit piano player.

I was working away on site last week.

 There was me and two of my colleagues. We stayed at a shitty hotel in the centre of Kettering. Opposite the hotel, there was a trendy Mediterranean resturant. Food is not bad except the Peking Duck Pizza. I am sorry but that is JUST WRONG!

We been to the resturant before but this time there is a piano player. He reminds me of the bloke who used to play in the subway on the way from Truro School to Tesco.

Yes, if you know, playing the pre-saved background music and beat from the keyboard. Then he adds his own somewhat random and truncated notes on top. Absolutely awful. Pure noise. You can probably get a 10 years old child to play better.

Anyway the room was shit as well and I said to myself never please I don’t want to come back.

So we were on site the day after and focusing on the busy day ahead. We went to the canteen to pick up some water, since we will be delivering lots of presentation and briefings.

As we were paying at the till, someone came out from the kitchen:

“Hello guys”

“We paused, were thinking who the fuck are you?”

Given that he is in his kitchen ware and us kitted out for site.

No Idea at all

Suddently my colleague went with a slightly raised voice and a pointing finger:


Oh right, and oh shit.

Hope you are not playing this lunchtime!!!

I really could not stop laughing afterward.

That made our day. Very funny.

Take Care

Cadbury Nigeria to Sheraton Hotel (12/2005)

This is a short video I made 2 years ago while working in Nigeria for Cadbury.

The site is located in Lagos. If you have been there you know traffic is bad. My translatation and visualisation is like this.

 Cars are like  giant bats. The driver use the horn alot to send signal to other drivers. Then you have motocycles are like bees, buzzing through gaps between cars.

I had a great time in Nigeria. As a technology person, I had to give those up and use my raw engineering skills. I learnt to work with my eyes and ears. It is all about making a different even in these tough conditions. I also learnt alot from Alan (he has sadly left Enviros several months after this trip). I was lucky enough to have work with him (aka Mr Burns from the Simpsons).

There is alot more memories from this trip and I will treasure it myself. It is definitely an eye-opener for me.

Here is the video.

Starring: Me, Simon the cameraman Noah our driver and Alan the passenger

[flashvideo filename=/wp-content/nigeria.flv /]

SOGS Dinner

Last Friday, I was out with the SOGS. Salford Office Gamble Syndicate.

Not Simon Office Gamble Syndicate.

There was Dr Horne, Bob, Richard, Andrew, Critch, Horrax, Helen, Jacquie (new member), Achilleas, and Mrs Horrax.

Although we haven’t had a office sweepstake for a long while. It marks the 2nd annual dinner also at Pacific.

Of course I ordered the food and every one seems to enjoy it. The gamble of the year: How much is the bill? I was close last year, just lost out to Mr Torrens. But this year, I went one step closer by winning it. Great! £11 in.

Then we headed off for some more drinks and gradually people left.

 It was a good night and we should do it more often.

 Take Care!

The truth, nothing but the truth

Simon’s recent views and update


ERM:”                                         ”
Simon:”Stick in where it hurts”

I am very busy at the moment. Too busy, but I want to get my chartership form done before Xmas.
Also optimistically hoping for promotion and pay rise in Jan.
Still not very good at writing reports though!


Ecstatic about Arsenal’s recent run. This makes me very happy.
Need to rearrange tennis re-re-match against Bob. But I really want to find a regular mate to play with.


Happy that some more friends are moving back to the north west.

Anything else:

Yes, switch my mortgage and it will cost me £50 more a month. Not that happy
I have got a new PDA phone, the HTC Kasier (aka Vodafone V1615, T-Mobile Vario 3).
Every time, I show people, they talk about that iphone.
And every time, I want to kill them.
Don’t mention anything by Apple to me, they are rubbish, not latest technology and I am not interested!