DON’T go to Tai Wu!

Another reason not to go to Tai Wu.

Cockroaches found at restaurant

Tai Wu restaurant, Manchester

One of Manchester’s largest restaurants has been fined £3,000 after health inspectors found cockroaches there. The Tai Wu Cantonese on Oxford Street closed down voluntarily for three days after the inspection in 2006.

Inspectors found an “active” German cockroach infestation and a lack of cleaning of the premises and equipment.

Manchester magistrates also ordered Fully Base Ltd, which owns the restaurant, to pay £4,100 in costs for three breaches of food hygiene laws.

‘Disregard for health’

The Manchester City Council environmental health officers went to the eatery in October 2006 following a complaint by a member of the public.

They noted food debris around and beneath equipment in the food rooms and bamboo steaming baskets stored in dirty conditions.

The flooring was so damaged that it could not be cleaned effectively, the inspectors said.

Councillor Neil Swannick, executive member for environment at Manchester City Council, said: “We will not tolerate this sort of negligence and disregard for public health.

“The Tai Wu is one of the largest restaurants in the city serving around 10,000 meals a week.

“It is unacceptable that they allowed standards to deteriorate to this level, potentially risking the health of a large number of people.”

The Tai Wu closed down for a few days to carry out improvements.

Excel Helpdesk

Hi all,

This morning I just want to let every know that I am an Excel Specialist.

You can send me your Excel problem and I can solve it for you (or at least find the right answer from tinternet if it is beyond me)

I can cover everything including VBA etc…


Another old story – Schof

Hi there another old story today, quite a touchy one at the time and still is now.

2nd year in school (must be >15 ago). There were 4 boarders in my class. G-Man, Schof, William Wilson and me. I can’t remember when but WW left the school.

At the beginning I follow them alot. I hope they didn’t think I am too much of a pain.

It was biology lesson. Our teacher is Dr Blake (He always make fun of my surname!) He is the kind of teacher that carries enthusiasm and sense of humor. At the end of the lesson, he gave us prep (the posh word for homework!, stands for preparation!). I missed it. Don’t know what I have to do. So I wait to the end and try to find him after the lesson. But after I packed up, he was gone and disappeared. It was the end of the day so I went to catch the school bus back to Trewinnard Court (Junior Boarding House at the time). I then went to see Schof and asked him what prep was for Biology. He kindly told me what it was and then asked me why don’t I ask the teacher myself. He was trying to encourage me to do it. I explained and said I couldn’t find him. He pat on my shoulder in a very encourage way. I remember that even until now. That is real encouragement. He did not just say go away, not helping you. He encouraged me to break the barrier. The barrier of insecurity. He wanted to help me. That is maturity. In Hong Kong it would be very different. Definitely not that kind might even involve favours or money. Might be I have exaggerated.

Have you done anything to help anyone today?



4000 hits for half a month! 11hits per hour!

OK I am modest, and on such a rubbish blog, I am getting these hits are scary.

So I vow to improve on these figure, write better and interesting stories to please my audience.

Monthly Statistics for January 2008
Total Hits 4136
Total Files 2158
Total Pages 1916
Total Visits 394
Total KBytes 145552
Total Unique Sites 187
Total Unique URLs 181
Total Unique Referrers 66
Total Unique Usernames 1
Total Unique User Agents 73
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 11 227
Hits per Day 275 946
Files per Day 143 423
Pages per Day 127 342
Visits per Day 26 53

Old Story – Journey to Alton Towers

Hi all,

Let me tell you a story long long time ago. (>10years)

It happened on a trip to Alton Towers.

It will take the coaches 8 hours from Truro to Staffordshire. We set off near midnight and arrive just before they open. So the good thing is that we would be at the front of the queue, especially on the new ride “Nemesis”.

Right if you imagine I am the saddo who always left behind when people picking for teams. (Obviously that is why I am a goalie.) You have guess it, I am sitting on my own. All my friends are already paired up. So I am waiting for the lucky person who will sit next to me. (I don’t know, but I might be lucky this time)

Someone I can’t remember her name, but remember it start with B (fittingly she has BIG breasts, not that I am a breast man, but it bloody stands out! You look at them and they look at you that kind of thing…..)

Anyway she is a year above me, and immediately some of my friends are already very jealous should I say.

We had a chat share a fews jokes and laughs.

She has been living in Africa or some sort. I am not sure. But move over to the school recently.

She ask me if she can borrow my shoulder to slept on. oh how sweet.

I said I don’t mind and there she goes use it like a pillow!

If there was phone camera and youtube in those days it would be on the web now. But lucky not and it will be in my memory.

Obviously there is also a return journey to talk about. But no need for the shoulder this time she is in my arms. Yeah right, I wished. I am dreaming this time……..

You know at Alton Tower they charge you alot of money for those photos taken at the rides. I had some of those and share them with her, had a laugh or two. Nothing special happened and that was that.

Everyone is very tired after a long day. We arrive back at school near midnight and straight to bed.

Take Care


Scary Google

As much I was worried about Facebook and Apple. I really need to look at Google as well.

If you search Simon Ng, Enviros, my blog comes in number 1 in the world search.

OH MY GOD. The whole world is going to see this blog. It is not my intention really. I was hoping to rant about things in my own backyard. But now, it is like talking to the whole world. Just feel a bit naked! if you know what I mean.

Very scary. But I am still going tell you “The Truth nothing but the truth” in here.

No more “work the search”, anyone will be able to find this blog very easily.

I guess I will have to be slightly more careful. But I can explore the function on word press and make certain post private.

And when my visitor number is up, I will start charging for advertising.

Seriously, where there is sensitive post, I will put a password lock on.

You can email me for it, if you want to see it.

Take Care