Dead or Alive

I am still alive, just.

Not have time to update too much.

But end of march is always extremely incredibility excessively, oh-my-god-ly busy.

Because of all the government funded jobs need to be completed by the end of the financial year end.

So I am writing reports like mad. Although it is not too statisfying that the client don’t really want a report. They would rather have our support as time not some thick report.

Anyway more to come in April. Still have a few more holiday stories to add.



Busy Busy and very busy

Long day and sometime extend to holidays and weekends.

Nobody helps you, but you help people.

But just remember you are one of the cleverest people around.

You can do alot of other people’s jobs but not many can do your job.

People pays alot of money for consultants and you always have to maintain value for money.

Consultants are unique people and I am one of them.

Hong Kong MTR

MTR = Mass Transit Rail = Underground.

One of the main transport system in Hong Kong. The MTR covers major part of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Unlike the underground in the UK, seats are arrange prependicularly at the both side of the carriage facing inwards. There are lots of standing / leaning areas. The seats and most of the interrior are made of saintness steel. Very slick looking indeed.

I like to observe and on MTR, you can see all kind of people from hk. Many different kind of people. Many of them as couples, playing portable computer games, listening to their MP3, talking on the phone, chatting with others. It is an information heaven for me. I am very nosy.

The MTR is great for me, as it is the simple way of transport in HK, I like to meet people within the MTR network. It is easier for me to get to without the possiblity of getting lost. The cost of travelling on MTR is realtive cheap. It is quick, temperature is confortable.

MTR compare to the undergroun is much more reliable, much more clean and much more modern and much more in everything from satefy to platform design. However there are too many lights, too many escalators, too many energy wasted to provide the good looks and comfort.

I couldn’t avoid thinking about the energy point of view. All that electricity wasted. If only I was here to help.

Enough for now, “Please stand back from the doors ….do do do do do…………..”


Low Level and High Level

If you have played any RPG (Role Playing Games), you will know what “level” mean.

It is bit like experience, you have to beat so many enemies and collect experience to improve your level. Whether this is intelligent level, physical level etc. I normally just use high level and low level.

High level people don’t normally react. They will listen, and analyse the situation before making a calculated action. Unlike low level they will normally react aggressively and normally use some form of physical action too. Low level people get upset and angry easily and not good at controlling their emotions.

My big boss lost it at a meeting, he was confronted by a group of high power people and he got upset and got agitated. He felt it was unjust but whether that group of people behave aggressively for the right or wrong reason. He should not have reacted.

It is like in football, yellow card for the player who made the bad tackle but red for the player who retaliated to it.

Never react. Always step away from confrontation and emotional outburst.

If something is hard to take, walk out, everyone will crack under pressure. The best thing to do is walk out and use your brain to think first before reacting!

Unfortunately my big boss is in the low level category here. He is experienced enough to not react. I don’t think there is any damage here but for me personally it acts as a remind not to react.

Be a high level person. Think before you act.


One former colleague ask me to work for him again while I was away. He said it was for >£40k. I read the job ad and felt I fitted to the role but said no.

Because it was down south, not as senior as I want.

If this was a year ago, I would have probably moved down but, at this moment, I rather stay in Manchester.

I have said I would probably go somewhere this year, I am sure of that but not sure where yet.

Hong Kong House Market

Hong Kong House Market was one of the hot issues. House price is the major factor in HK’s economy. My parents are also happy that the house price is rising and our home is increased in value. Although not in an ideal location at the moment, and some days we would move back to the “South Disrict” one day. But it is realy good news.

HK house market worths trillions. Prices goes up and down rapidly and sometime really test your lady luck. But buying a flat/house is all about location for me. And in Hong Kong this is no different. It is about location, transport is a key and the cost of transport also.

I am no economical expert and you would probably find better articles on this via google.

So I will leave it here.

The flight home

I am flying British Airways. From Manchester to Heathrow and Heathrow to Hong Kong. You can now “Online Check-in” ie book your seat 24hours pre flight.

So T-24hours.5minutes. I will be in front of the computer waiting for the gate to open!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my favourite row 28 seat. On a BA 747 plane. Row 28 is the first row in Economy class. There are only 2 seats on either wing. This is because Row 28 is at the emergency exits. So the best seats are 28B or C and 28H or J. (There is no A and K). One can fully extend their legs, as free as you want. For me a 6″1 person. this is the best economy class gets.

You can try 28D or 28G, both are aisle seat but they are normally reserved for parents travelling with infrants. So sometime you might get a good ear full if they don’t behave.

If those are not available there are three rows of seat to the back of the plane where the curve of the plane does not have the space for 3seats. So they are great also, but I don’t really like sitting this far back.

Anyway, I couldn’t get row 28 so I just pick an aisle seat.

The flight from Manchester to Heathrow is short and is 2.5 hours before the long haul flight. But for what ever reason, weather, ba and etc…It was delayed for nearly 2 hours.

I got to Heathrow thinking the worst (staying overnight). So got off the plane and ran like Linford Chrisite. BA with common sense has delayed more for the long haul flights because they know off the domestic connection delays. So I did have sometime to do so airport shopping. I was going to buy a pair of trousers but since there was no much time, I just brought some biscuits from Harrods for my mum and legged it.

Anyway the flight was packed, nothing much happened and arrived safely into HK with MY LUGGAGE as well. Thank you BA for not losing it…….

Lots to talk about

Sorry I have been away for the last few weeks.

I went home to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year and also took sometime to visit Singapore.

There is alot to talk about and I will start with the next post titled

“The Flight home”


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