I am excellent at gathering information. That is the problem you see sometime people like me know far too much.

Too clever. People with information get torture!

Still I would rather be in the know than not in the know.

Also it is what you do with that data is important. Use it wisely you will benefit, use it unwisely then you will get tortured!

Good luck to me hey.

Luxurious Flats?

While I was in Hong Kong, I went to my aunt’s. My Uncle is from middle class background. He is quite wealthy. They live in one of the “Luxurious Flats” apparently. But I disagree. The lobby looks more grand, the security staff are more polite and remember your name. It is slightly bigger in size. The location is alright, some has see view. There is a club house for sports etc. I guess the most important thing is that name of the estate. When someone ask you where you live, you say I live in blah blah blah garden, etc. That will said it all. But really luxurious flats, I didn’t think it was. (and obviously I didn’t ask how much, it will probably push me of the chair!)

A flat in Hong Kong typically cost around HK$ 3millions. This is about £200,000 just for a flat! Some can goes up to HK$6 – 7 – 8 millions.

Please remember there are no minimum wage and pay are not as good as in UK!

Chipping Wii

Hi there, I am a happy Wii oewner and over the weekend I help one of my colleague to get his Wii chipped. Console chipping is not new. Once your console is chipped, you can play (backed-up) games. I download games from Tinternet.

Ok there is a moral debate here.

Let me give you some facts first. The cost of chipping is £50 for old model , £75 for the latest model.

The games are free from Tinternet.

If you do it proper, each game is about £30. If you scratch any you are in trouble.

 I have about 30 games now, some are proper and some are downloaded. But if all my games are proper then it will cost me £900 enough to buy 4 more Wii console.

I am sorry but I just do have the money. Most of the people in the world won’t have that much money to spend.

There is no argument, is there. Get it chipped and start enjoying.

Minimum Effort for Maximum Effect

This is one of my Motto.

I am not trying to be smart and lazy.

I am trying to be ultra efficient, in fact efficient is not the word, it is more like ultra performance. Delivery more.

Ricky Hatton would use the phase “Pound for Pound” to describe a fighter’s value in relation to fighters of different weight classes.

If it is like a ratio than, what I am saying here is more value for your money. It is like in business, if I give you a £1 can you make a profit and delivery more than £1.

If you can achieve that you can success in most things.

Value for money is good, but you need to aim higher.



The power of 192

I like to do some detective work (its in the blood)

I found out that through 192 that someone I used to fancy has moved in with her boyfriend (I presumed) (or he moved in with her).

Found the person in 192 ,

Then go to BT online phonebook, and you can find the phone number as well.

Scary….and very easy.


I know where you live and your phone number (just by knowing your name and your county)


Class levels in HK

Hong Kong is very competitive place. So are the people. It is all about showing off sometimes. We are quite materialistic. So it is about new and flashy stuff. Going to a better school, have the latest gadgets, can spend money to go places, and do activities. You have to remember for majority of people, monies are still very tight. So not many can afford to “do things” to enjoy themselves. I am from a poor family. But we are very lucky. Lucky that my father has a stable and decent job. He can support the family and especially me and my brother to study in the UK. Thanks to the benefits he gets from the government. Anyway most of the properties in Hong Kong are very similar, after all they don’t varies that much. It is not about period, features etc. It is about location, location location and size and view, transport links is important. Most people in HK don’t have a car, so public transport is normal!

So to show off your class, there is no posh accent. You have to show off where you live, what you drive, where do you go on holidays, what extra activities you do, what you kids have for toys etc etc.

This is pretty much the same where ever you are. But just in HK that you check on this every single moment becuase there are so many bloody people around.

People talk about money most of the time. In a world where time is money. Would you gave up a bit of money for time. Time is more important than money I would say.

There are alot of rich kids in HK nowadays. They parents have money and they are spoiled (not me!) They can buy whatever, they can do whatever. They cannot, I repeat cannot be our next generation. They are useless, can’t contribute in the business environment. They will one day but that is a slow slow process. Things come to them very easily and yet they don’t know how to do it without support. Useless…

The problem is that you need to continue improve your “level” or “class”. If you kids are letting you down then they are also demote your class. Just remember a kid from a classy family is not always a class person!

I have seen some many in UK and in HK. Absolutely useless.

Sorry I have mumble on, so to summarise.

You will win lots of friends, if your family is rich or you are very flashy in HK.

Afterall you need to stand out in this tiny little place.

A rude version of Alpha-Zulu

A – Asshole

B – Bastard

C – Cunt

D – Dickhead

E – Evil Bitch

F – Fuck

G – Gaylord

H – Homo

I – Idiot

J – Jerk

K – Kinky

L – Lesbian

M – Motherfucker

N – Nuts

O – Orgasm

P – Prick

Q – Queer

R – Retard

S – Scum

T – Tosser

U – Ugly

V – Vag

W – Wanker


Y – Yo Mama

Z – Zonal Marking (Can’t find anything with a Z but I hope football people will find this funny!)