Did you see the game!

I have spotted something that I would like to share.

I was watching the game on Wednesday night, like a predicted the best result is draw draw draw to death, all players get injured and see someone CRY haha.


But did you see this, they were running for the Cunt! not the Cup.



Work Social

Just a quick note to summarise last Monday’s work’s socials.

Boring presentations

Then pint at the pub then bowling at Tarfford Centre

My Wii bowling training has unfortunately not help me and I did badly.

90 in my first game and a 70 in my second.

Very poor indeed. then there was 9 left and we ate at Pesto (Tapas)

Not bad at all.

Hope we can do someting again soon.


Nature kills

Does God do wonderful things?

I hear some say yes, Actually I say no.

I don’t believe in God, but if there is a God then he doesn’t do wonderful things.

Two recent examples, why does he/she not stop the cyclone in Burma, and the earthquake in China.

If there is a God, and there is a panel of buttons.

On those buttons there would be all the natural diaster, you name it….

All he/she can do is bring natural diaster to this world.

Sacriface some number to save the majority.

I don’t know if this is God’s making but the Nature process skills.

And Nature always wins, there is nothing we can do.

How much of that is our own making and how much of that is actually out of our hands?

“God knows………”


Is spam good?

Well there is always good and bad!

They are very annoying. I get about alot of spam comments through this blog. Trying to sell me stuff that satisfies women. But on the upside they are helping me to improve me google rank and the likes. So my blog is higher up in searches and stuff.

But they are annoying because I do want to hear from people comment on the crazy things I say here.


Blank Holiday

Long bank holiday just gone (I took friday off, and Monday is a bank holiday)

Did nothing, but thinking, played a bit of Wii, got my blood pressure up.

Bought some more IT bits and finished my slim media centre pc to replace the existing box cube.

It is based on an Elonex ProSentia 800

P4 640 3.2GHZ, 1.5GB Ram, 500GB SATA HDD, HD Audio

It is quick and powerful, why sky plus when you can have something much better.

OK I can only get one signal from my sky box but it is ok, I can record stuff when I am not in.

On top of them, I can play anything that I have download directly to the TV.

All in all very satisflied with it.

Now the next project is a Mini-ITX pc. for media centre to sell or bedroom or car pc.

I will post some pic when I get home.