Road Block and 3 ways

When your Road is block? How do you deal with it?

  1. Go straight on and crush the block.
  2. Turn Back
  3. Use alternative routes or bypass block

What happens if the block to moving towards you.

Would you still?

  1. Go straight on and crush the block even thought the expected impact is higher.
  2. Turn Back and Run away
  3. Use alternative routes or bypass block, shimmy pass the block

Which is the clever way?

Well it is of course dependent on the situation, you and the specification of the block!

For example:

IT is planning to block internet access to non-work related website.

  1. To go head to head and flight the ban
  2. Stop visiting those sites and compile to IT’s demand
  3. Find a way to bypass firewall, use other means of connecting to the internet

I would always choose 3, not because I always bend rules, it is becuase I believe their is another way and nothing stop my train. It is always going forward, even if I have to take a side step.

This is not helping the IT, because it seem like I am compiling but actually I have move myself outside of their system.

I am going call this tool simply as “3 ways” under Intelligence Resource.


It seems the credit crunch is hitting the Premier League’s wealthiest. Manchester City’s £92,000-a-week forward Robinho spent £700 on clothes in Harvey Nichols but then queued up for 25 minutes to sign up for a store card that gave him 50% off those buys.

(Mirror 27/10/2008)

You all Spuds!

I was on site the other day with my colleagues plus one guest an Auditor of EU ETS for the site I was at.

At lunch I gone for my salad.

“Ric” sat down and I can see he has gone for Jacket and Chips!

So I asked

“You sure you didn’t want mash with that?”

then “Jac” sat down and I can see her also has gone for Jacket. Then to my disgust, the auditor lady also gone for a Jacket.

I just have to mention the canteen at this site is very good and serves many varieties of hot and cold food not just JACKET POTATOS!

So there I was the odd one out! You all SPUDS!

Office Reshuffle

Every where else does it, reshuffling.

Government Cabinet, Class Room sitting plan, etc.

The reason is to refresh people. Create NEW relationship in the New Surroundings.

So not quite a full reshuffle, I have move desk and so has many of my colleagues.

Now I am sitting with my team not really on my own.

The advantage is team bonding and disadvantage is the NOISE.

(PS also I have a eye sore! I can see “The theatre of Sh1te” aka Old Trafford from my window.)

I do wonder one day, am I too late to work somewhere that I can see The Emirates outside my windows.

Mental Toughness

It is a very important quality to have, in the my work as a Consultant.

Tough as Metal! is it? No quite

When someone shout at you, you should not react by shouting by but understand why.

When you feel you are hard done by, you should not react within yourself and generate hatrate.

You should be able to absorb, reflect and move on in a positive manner.

Focus on moving forward.

Never give in or give up!

Simon’s Golden Words

Never React always Reflect

Never give just enough always give more


I am so proud to be sitting around proper Chemical Engineers again for the day. ( I am on a Chemical Site!)

That arrogance, that attitude, that intelligence, that determination just sum up who Chem-Eng-ers are.

I do miss that some time. There is no problem Chem-Eng-ers can’t solve. We won’t walk out of an problem, even if it is electrical.

I don’t know where all these mentalities come in. I look back at my University years. I think there were definitely high expectations. As a Chem Eng undergraduate, the expectation is high, even higher than medicine or law. It is very demanding. May be it is this expectation that drive the change in attitude. I know for a fact that there are lots of people drop out of the course.

Can’t hack it? I for one did consider this. I am not academically bright, and sometime I struggle to grasp the concept. Ok they are very hard concept sometime, but still there was time what I can’t hack it.

But you know me by now that, I never walk away from a fight. Now that I can look back and look forward as a proper Chem-Eng-er.

Back to the Past

Today and Tomorrow I am back to a site I once work on 5 years ago, It is in Barry nr Cardiff.

Time passes, people move on, and up. But memory are still there,

I remember the first time on site. We have to hand it all our phones. There is a big hazard on site.

The receptionist mis-spelled my senior’s name. There is the Welsh version and the Scottish version.

Anyway, my name is still on the computer system. Sometime it is nice to be remembered.

I also hit the other famous on-site custom. CURRY Wednesday!

Every Wednesday they have curry for lunch, 3-4 different types of curry.

The surprise is I didn’t have one, I just had a sandwich.

As a fan of different accent, I do enjoy my day in Wales today.

Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!
Oi! Oi! Oi!