Enviros Christmas Party 2008

This year the office do was held in Tiger Tiger, outside the Printworks.

As usual the venue is shared with other people. One group being “Manchester City Council”

We got vouchers for 2 free cocktails which was very good indeed.

I was prepared very well this year.

NEW Steel and Jelly shirt + NEW Base London shoes. (plus a hair cut early on the week!)

First thing was how strange most people are in the climate change team. We were all wearing stripy shirts. This ended up being a big topic and team uniform! Sh1t!

There were already people in there from other companies. We didn’t exactly get the warm welcome.

A female came over and ask who we work for, etc, etc. I said “Enviros”, an Environmental Consultancy. She didn’t have a clue!

And then she noted that there were only us guys have arrived and ask so no girls works in your company?

I honestly said, our girls take lot longer to prepare, that’s all!

Then came the thought of either us guys not good enough for her or is she like girls (the other side!).

Both thoughts have triggered me to set my task for the night.

  1. Finding out her name
  2. Have a conversation with her

Unfortunately without going to too much detail, I FAILED!

The night wasn’t as good as I was hoping. There was drinks but I didn’t get really drunk, there wasn’t much room for my dancing and I wasn’t as humorous I wanted to be.

The food was buffet style and was ok. It is not fantastic but actually the buffet style for party is excellent.

I will tell our “Party Animal” Organiser, Andrea (our office support) this.

As the night went on, most of the girls was dancing. Also a mention goes to the 2 slick movers from CLIMATE CHANGE! A and E.

It was sometime quite funny and sometime quite boring!

I was going to spend the night at someone’s place, since he has rented a 2 bedroom apartment all to himself.

But I didn’t as a punishment for my failed task, I went home.

In fact I walked. I was going to get a taxi but, I just walk further and further to the point it is not worth it.

This has helped me to work off all the alcohol and so I didn’t get any hangover the next morning. Great!

Anyway, it took me about 45minutes. (Not bad going!)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Returning to UK (Feb2008)

It has been a while. I should have written this post a long time ago.

On the flight back from Hong Kong to UK. Something happened.

I luckily book ROW 28. If you are a BA frequent flyer you will know this is the seats next to the door. There are no body in front and there is only 2 seats. For a 6’1 person, it is superb comfort to be able to exten my legs on the plane.

I got on the plane late, there was already someone sitting on the windows.

I am very good at reading people. My first impression was she is a bit stuck up, blond, reading a magazine with her legs crossed in such a way. So I dare to even say hello.

Afterward, I did try to make a conversation. Taking about the good seat is difficult to get etc. She said going to Hong Kong is for work. I didn’t ask nor I figured out what she does but it might be something to do with fashion or clothings. I can still remember she ordered a Bloody Mary, changed to her comfy tracky bottom before going to sleep. (Obviously in the toliet not at the seat!)

There I was reading my book then watching a film, after that I went to semi-sleep (I never really can sleep on the plane). Then I felt a pressure on my right shoulder. It was her head, BORROWING my shoulder as pillow for FREE! I have lent my left shoulder out before but this is the first on the right!

Anyway, it was until many minutes later she recognised, and move her head away.

I hope it was comfortable enough! It was free after all!

Anyway, with that big diamond ring on, you wouldn’t have thought she wouldn’t have borrow other people’s shoulder!

So there it was a little story for you.

Me and Sucess!

I can’t explain, I don’t know why.

But the feeling is strong.

I am a very independent person. From a young age, I am also very sensible, reliable and have lots of confidence.

But actually sometime inside I am quite shy and breakable.

Every time I have the same “pick me up feeling”

“I am destined for success!”

It is possible that I will never ever reach the level of success in my mind but this is my driving force.

To keeping going!

“Offer Accepted”

My offer for a flat in Castlefield has been accepted.

It is in my opinion a bargain price for the flat.

The block is called “The Box Works” (M15 4NU)

It is located just next to Macunian way in NEW Castlefield.

I have memory of driving through and amire this block of flats.

I have the feeling of winning the lottery.

Or might be not, but I hope you know what I mean.

There are also bonuses,

Top Floor, Aisle Location.

I believe in 2 years time, the price will return to £200,000 +.

This will give me a handsome profit ~40% return.

Wish me luck, I just want to get it all go through smoothly. It has to!