Laptop/Browser Puzzle

Now that I am working for a big corporate company and recently got a new laptop.

It is very lockdown as expected but the spec is so good that I am quite happy.

At first I was trying to find as many loophole, hidden channels as possbile. I like a good look around and do what I want!

The first puzzle – IE6 / Internet Assess

There was two options of lock down, either the firewall has lock down what application allow to connect to internet or a proxy server.

I remember when I was in Uni. how to set up internet access via proxy server.

The proxy server was great for downoading stuff even compare to now. Let me explain.

The proxy server simply was acting as a cache server. Popular downloads were already downloaded and stored on the server. Therefore it was just a case of file transfer from server to your computer. I still remember seeing my first 1Mbytes/second speed.

Back to my work’s laptop.

So stuck with IE6 and no way of installing firefox or changing firewall settings.

(USB) U3 is a pain to startup. Although (USB) Protable apps was better, with Firefox portable able to run, but no connection.

Today, I was trying to listen to Hong Kong online radio through WMP. It flagged up a login prompt for the ITproxy server. Obviously part of the windows install, the setting would be automatic to detect proxy!!!.

But now that I have address for the Proxy and next I need to know the port.

Let have a guess, 80 then 8080 bingo!

Puzzle solved

Now I am running Firefox Portable with built in Flash plugin. No more IE6.

I have my tabs back…

To solve is to know and to know is to solve!

get it!


I am a puzzle-solver

What am I on about!

I am not naturally clever, but very smart.

It is like a puzzle game.

I utilise a number of methods (tools, etc) to support and help me to solve puzzle quickly.

Obviously my key assess is my memory.

I used to call myself a librarian but no longer, I am now a puzzle-solver.

I live to solve puzzle. No matter how difficult, how many barriers, I am always up for a challenge.