Health and Safety or Hope and Stupdity

or is it, Hope and Stupidity

You hope you don’t get ill and You don’t think before you do something.

I work in an office on the first floor. There is two fire exit at both ends. They have to be opened if there are anyone in for obvious reasons.

The office being in high crime Salford Area meaning that we have a gate for them during out of hours, to prevent any breakins.

Usually the last person from the office shuts and lock the gate. When I mean LAST, I mean LAST office person. In the evening it is not usual to find the cleaner working between the LAST office person leaves and when the cleaner has actually finish.

Should the fire exit be opened for the cleaners? Yes for health and safety. If there is a fire, the cleaner could be boxed in and BURN TO DEATH! We don’t want that to happen! So lately we asked the cleaner to shut and lock the gate for their own Health and Safety.

This is not a difficult task but it is an EASILY forgettable one. The consequence of NOT doing this can lead to them losing their job. So the fact is,  this is an easily forgettable task, they are now thinking HOPE and STUPIDITY, shutting and locking the gate FIRST. So that they don’t forget.

I hope that they know that they are choosing “BURN TO DEATH”. God forbids!

What should I do, well next time I see them shutting the gate first, I will have to fill in a Near Miss form. (or a Stupidity Prevention Form)

One question for you.


You might have kept your job but how will you turn up, after you have BURN TO DEATH!


Technology Techies

We live in a world where Technology is ever improving. I am surpise that those people making decisions about Technology and certain the change of technology know nothing about technology.

In today world, are we too worried about people needing to know, people needing to understanding. Things need to be kept simple for everyday Joe Blog.

You know what. I have enough off lowering my level to make someone understand. Precious time is loss in this process. I vote for techies to rule the world! There is certainly a lack of technology knowledge amongst management.

Technology should drive change. People making descision should understand the technology. People who does not understand have NO rights.

Angry Men in Office

What is it? An office move and an invasion of new colleagues from parent company.

At least it is quiet down (only in terms of no more removal man moving furniture)

So let me tell you little bit about my new colleagues. Some look high up and some just aren’t not. The car park today became a white man van parking yard.

The splash of new identity is to doing my head in. I am one for historical stubborn values.

March Consulting shall live forever.

What do you expect, my parent company is a building services / construction company. There are just more men behaving badly men about.

There are a couple of tough ladies though, I guess they got used to be in a rough men dominant environment.

Anyway, nothing bother me most than this.

The gents stinks. There is a Chinese Phase

“Angry men have smelly poo”

So there you go, we have angry men in the office!