British reacting slowly

Let have a cup of tea and have a discussion about what we are going to do.

I admire the British for developing structures and systems. But when it come to action, they are always slow to react.

Where is the decision maker, where is the ruthlessness.

In some case, just be more direct, rather than passive.

If I believe in a clever dictator system, is foolish bureaucracy the opposite and what we have here.

Swine flu is yet another example, if people have flu, even just the normal flu, rest, take some paracetamol and DON’T come to work to spread the virus. Isolate. it is very simple no no, we let it spread, because we can’t control it.

Let talk about alert level and setup a system for the benefit of the public.

Might be my clever dictatorship is far too extreme but how about a smart expect. I like a smart doctor to give me advice not a useless help-desk person reading off the screen.

Just get some actions in place.

No more discussion,  no more useless meeting, no more brainless non-functional help-desk.

We want advice, clear advice on what to do. From diganosis to medication, it is simple please don’t complex thing by “talking about it”



How clever are you? Well it is very difficult to tell.

um I am more clever than so and so.

um but I am not stupid.

How can you tell?

Does being clever mean you have a higher IQ?

Not necessarily. But most likely.

Where is the border line between stupid and clever?

Can you learn to be more clever, developed to be smarter and most of all avoid being stupid.

I believe that my Intelligence Resource Methodology is here to help. It is a structured mind set that generate ArtificialIntelligence to help us become more smarter. I don’t think you can be more clever but more smarter will compensate for that.

Food for thought.

Cricket at its best

Match Drawn

If you are a cricket fan, the 1st test in the 2009 Ashes Series is definitely not boring. It was probably boring for the couple of days that the Aussie was batting. But overall it is not.

England got a good-ish score of 430 odd. But not good enough on that pitch, the Aussie got 670 odd. England had about 4 session to bat through and avoid a defeat. Definitely not easy at all.

England really has no chance of winning but saving a test match means alot. To the fan who was cheering like mad, it was more like a victory.

In the end, England just just made the draw, by one wicket. It could have easily been a innings defeat.

Only can this happen in Cricket.

Next test is at Lord’s, even more pressure this time.

Surely they have to bring Harmy back and bounce the Aussie out…

Moving ON

There is always a time to look to move on. Whether it is a task, a project, a tool, a thought, a feeling, a job and a person.

There is simply no more time, and actually you are dwelling on it.

I call this the dwelling factor. It is a negative factor.

In my Intelligence Resource Methodology,

Gain or Loss = f ( Timing, Location Advantage, People Relationship )

Dwelling on things would have a negative effect on all 3.

wasting and losing time, staying too long and let other gain location advantage, existing relationship become tired and not forming new relationship.

Positive change cannot come about while dwelling.

Dwelling on thing any longer, it will become a negative change. It is going backwards.

Act efficiently, don’t dwell on things.


RIP Professor Reg Mann

Prof. (Emer.) Reg Mann (passed away on Sunday, June 7, 2009) aged in his early 60s after a stroke.

He was my lecturer for “Chemical Reaction Engineering” at UMIST.

He was very well prepared but not a very good teacher. He is more fond of his research and company.

He once said to us student, he will charge us £125 per hour for asking him questions, same as what he gets from consultancy service.

Currently I am only a £85 per hour consultant and no where near his level. (if that was true).

Another memory I has was that he have created a computer programme for our course work. The programme would simple mark our coursework. Obviously saving his time for his research, company, and consultancy…

Of course it is not really a benefit to the students but I really admire the use of technology back then.

R.I.P Prof Mann

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A rare exception!

I am by all means breaking my rules for starting to Twitter.

I regard Facebook and other social networking sites are evil.

So why I have change my mind about Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certain aspects in Twitter that is similar to Facebook.

Even if I block people from following me on Twitter. They can still see who I follow, my interest etc. The main reason is, Twitter is for grown ups!

This is the main advantage. There is no boundary for words either. You can chat to pretty much everyone (given they are on Twitter).

Twitting is email 2.0 with an open directory of the world.

However, I will not give up blogging, because I am long-winded.

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