The IMPORTANCE of taking notes!

If you have perfect memory, you don’t need to take notes, because you can remember everything.

Unfortunately you are not a computer, so we take notes. Whether this is writing things down or typing something on your computer.

In my line of work, people pay alot of money for our time. The budget will allow say one day on site  for investigation. It is very very very very very very important to take notes. This is the only chance you have of auditing the site.

It is ok, if you have missed something or forgot to check this and that. It is not forgiving though if you have forgot to write down what you saw.

Even if you have near perfect memory (like me) you still take notes. This is because you need to free up storage for something else, so it is good to have information premanently stored on paper.

In school, I take notes.

A classic is during geography, the teacher plays a video and homework is to write an essay to summaries it. If you take down word by word, you have more material and ensuring you don’t MISS the key points.

In university, I take notes too.

The lecturer lectures, his or her slides might be rubbish. So you have to write down as much as information from what he/she is saying.

In work,  during site visits, meetings, everything, I take notes.

The more notes I have equal more information. Sometime there is no second chance, so you have to write down what you see. Just take notes of everything that is relevant.

If you don’t takes notes, or don’t know what write then you have a problem, you need to ask for help or see what your peers or colleagues do. Don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s notes, to learn what they write down.

Notes taking is also an art. If you are a novice, the first step is to write everything down!!!

As you improve, you will start writing less but capture the key information you’ll need.

Take notes and take care.


I cannot stress enough that there are many benefits of taking notes.