Can you shuffle like Simon?

I can shuffle a pack of cards.

The actually name of my shuffle is called “The Riffle Shuffle”.

When I was very young in Hong Kong, we used to play alot indoors, whether it is cards or board games.

My auntie Iris and Peggy taught us (the little ones) how to play cards and shuffle.

Few weeks back, I went along to a poker game with colleagues. I just pick up the pack of cards and did my shuffle.

I kind of announced myself to the table, since no one else can shuffle like Simon!

This shuffling technique is actually very simple, watch and learn.

Together We Drink

Every a number of week, our (now Australian) parent company would hold a Beer and Pizza event. It is an after work social to get people together. Free Beer and Pizza!

First I got conned by the low alcohol beer. It was a Carlsberg but only got 0.5% alcohol. I thought it was a proper one, but conned by the label until someone told me.

The emails went around the office before promoted the after party to be some kind of a must attend event. So I prepare myself for that and went along.

Got the tram into the office (was annoyed it had took me ages), so that I can drink.

After the beer and pizzas, we went over to the bar over the road from office. The turnout was actually quite poor; there were about 10 in the bar.

We had a couple of drinks and half of the people left and there were only 5 of us going into town to meet our new colleagues from our parent company.

As we were about to go pass Castlefield, one said: “This is interesting, I like to look into people’s flat and see them watching TV.”

Then I said: “I live in one of these!” and as the Tram went pass my flats, I point out where my palace was and offered to come out naked and wave next time his tram passes by.

We met the others in a pub on Deansgate, had a couple of drinks, spoke to a funny Kiwi guy who surprisingly live in one of those “you can look into on the tram flat”.

It was always the plan to go to Dukes 92 (my favourite and kind of my local), but more faffing about, not in sync drinking, forced the parent company colleagues to go first.

As we were about to head off some 10 mins later, some came back into the pub and said they have lost people who went home, oh…well…..

Once we have had another drink, we went to Dukes finally. On the way to Dukes, one has asked me what I thought about a Chinese Restaurant he’s recently been to in the Northern Quarters.

Well my answer was: “It’s excellent; I go pretty much every day!” No I didn’t say that exactly, I said “I am bias, but they are very good, next time you mention my name you might get an extra prawn cracker!”

It was Friday night and it was busy but wasn’t full at Dukes.

We sat outside for some more drinks and chit chat.

A pair of my lovely colleagues: Celena and Sharon, with Tony Morris from ITV Granada in the background! Who? You know who, the Trevor Nelson lookalike.

I went home at about midnight, but the rest of the gang headed out towards town for more drinks until 3am I was later told.

It was a shame that not more have came out. But I’m sure when the weather gets better; those party animals will come out.

Take Care


My not very typical but fun packed week…

My account of a not very typical but fun packed week (couple of weeks back…)

Can I start from Saturday? oh go on then


I went to an Retirement Show with my girlfriend, we started the day with some Tai Chi. It was so fun, we both enjoyed it very much.

In the afternoon, she was assisting her sister in their cooking demonstration on stage. I was “the assistant to the assistant”, they gave me a sale target just like at work, to sell her book. I help sold 3!


I went to see Suede at The Ritz in Manchester. I was very excited. It was one of the best, brought me back to school days when I used to play their songs very loud in the boarding house. Some YouTube links here, a prize for who can spot a jumping Simon!


Animal Nitrate

Everything will flow

The Beautiful Ones

Brett was awesome! The very best of britpop and what a gig.

Hope they would come back and do it again.


Meet my girlfriend for dinner (Sushi – yummy…), went for a drink near my place, in the middle of the quiz night. yuk!


Nothing, it was just a boring day…


Took my school mate to  my girlfriends’ place to eat before heading off to the football game at Manchester City against Everton

Dinner was great, thank you my dear. We loved it!

The game was dull, referee was diabolical. Everton won 2-nil but the game was played like a nil-nil.

But I did see some retired ex-gunners Paddy Vieira  and Kolo Toure.  They look relax and enjoying their retirement. (They have past it unfortunately!)

Shame I didn’t see the handbags fight from both managers at the end, I was at the opposite end.

Still fun to go to a live game.


I was busy at work, but quite as productive though…

After work, I went to the office mixed five a side, started in goal again, but got beaten twice by a girl. She is streetwise, apparently.

The lowest point in my career? Well unfortunately not! I was in goal once for UMIST and lost 12-1 >_< It was the defence! not me…

Still it was fun, good exercise to keep my weight loss plan on track……


Busy at work again but it was dress down day so I came in with my Coca Cola Delivery Man shirt with Coca Cola badges and COKE written on the back. I love this shirt. Only recently that I could fit back in it.

For my round of drinks, I asked: “Tea, Coffee or COKE?”

Then I tag along to cricket nets with a colleague from work. It was so much fun, I love cricket, haven’t played for donkey years. It is slowly coming back to me, my leg breaks, top spinners and the ‘Chinamen’ (one that goes the other way…)

My bowling was dissapointing but batting was much more fun, even did a cheeky sweep (my trademark!). Oh I did get a caught and bowled.


My whole body was shattered. But got myself up though for a special haircut at Trevs, then met my girlfriend to find something to eat.


That was it, my not very typical but fun packed week…