Beer takes me around the world

Hola !

This is the followed up blogpost to “Chocolate takes me around the world

I am an Energy Consultant, my job is to help companies mainly factories to save energy and water, and hopefully contributes to saving the world!

Climate change is global, so we work all over the world, someone has to do it!

Last time, Chocolate company has taken me to Nigeria, Russia and Sheffield

This time, Beer company is taking me to Ecuador, having already taken me to Australia 😀 and Tanzania. 😀

Beer company wins on this one!

These are all great places to visit, but I know it will be extremely hard work I must say!

Will get the middle weekend to have a look round, and I am notorious as wondering around in middle of nowhere in a foreign country just with my big camera, and I am sure to repeat this 😀

And will share them on my photography website

There is a Chinese proverb,

“It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”

And I am just doing that 🙂

Also if I ever have a bucket list, one thing on there will be worked/travelled to 5 continents. After this South America trip I am one step closer.

Just need find a project to visit the Penguins in Antarctic and I am done!

Be well and take care.


Where have you been?

I went away, been busy, got marry, thought I was happy, fed up with work, got lost, left job, found some temporary work, dream big, fallen down, then found new job, excited, still an energy consultant, not fed up yet, but still not happy, left wife, got divorce, happened very quick, I am and will be sorry forever, have messed up so need to rebuild, travel to two different continents for work, good to stop by Hong Kong to see my mum, lots of fun on these trips but hard work, drunk lots of beer too, now back on my own, in my box, gained some pounds, lost some hair, added new white ones and put on some years, still lost, trying to think my way out, the mind get tired, found my love with photography again, doing it more seriously, hoping more to come, more award winning shots, visit, joined a photography club M.A.P.S, wants to travel the world, visits friends, wanting to make more use of myself, help people so in return helps myself, can’t put a sentence together, so just leave a bunch of words here, who cares, plans for 2014, leave Manchester may be UK too, yes, I have to go away again, I am already long way from home, so where is home, I don’t know, but I will go wherever the opportunity, I will fight on, promise I will write more blogs to record where I have been, moving on to new things, will take alot of photos, dream of happiness,saving up for the travelling fund, will have to therefore win more poker games with ex-colleagues and dream more.

It is not where you have been, it is where you are going that is more important!

If this blog has affected you in anyway please contact the usual helplines or alternatively you can make a donation to the Help Simon (travelling) fund, lol!