Angry Men in Office

What is it? An office move and an invasion of new colleagues from parent company.

At least it is quiet down (only in terms of no more removal man moving furniture)

So let me tell you little bit about my new colleagues. Some look high up and some just aren’t not. The car park today became a white man van parking yard.

The splash of new identity is to doing my head in. I am one for historical stubborn values.

March Consulting shall live forever.

What do you expect, my parent company is a building services / construction company. There are just more men behaving badly men about.

There are a couple of tough ladies though, I guess they got used to be in a rough men dominant environment.

Anyway, nothing bother me most than this.

The gents stinks. There is a Chinese Phase

“Angry men have smelly poo”

So there you go, we have angry men in the office!


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