Another old story – Schof

Hi there another old story today, quite a touchy one at the time and still is now.

2nd year in school (must be >15 ago). There were 4 boarders in my class. G-Man, Schof, William Wilson and me. I can’t remember when but WW left the school.

At the beginning I follow them alot. I hope they didn’t think I am too much of a pain.

It was biology lesson. Our teacher is Dr Blake (He always make fun of my surname!) He is the kind of teacher that carries enthusiasm and sense of humor. At the end of the lesson, he gave us prep (the posh word for homework!, stands for preparation!). I missed it. Don’t know what I have to do. So I wait to the end and try to find him after the lesson. But after I packed up, he was gone and disappeared. It was the end of the day so I went to catch the school bus back to Trewinnard Court (Junior Boarding House at the time). I then went to see Schof and asked him what prep was for Biology. He kindly told me what it was and then asked me why don’t I ask the teacher myself. He was trying to encourage me to do it. I explained and said I couldn’t find him. He pat on my shoulder in a very encourage way. I remember that even until now. That is real encouragement. He did not just say go away, not helping you. He encouraged me to break the barrier. The barrier of insecurity. He wanted to help me. That is maturity. In Hong Kong it would be very different. Definitely not that kind might even involve favours or money. Might be I have exaggerated.

Have you done anything to help anyone today?


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