Spare9 and A9

In my office alarm system, my name is Spare 9. 9 pronounced in Cantonese sound like dog!

So I am a Spare Dog.

Funny enough the other day, when I was on site, I got given the badge A9. (A dog)

So I am just “A Spare Dog”

I hear you ask, how to say nine dogs in Cantonese, is it dog dog?

ha ha…no in Catonese we have many adverbs (whatever you call them) for quantity.

So we say nine “number of” dogs. the quantity adverb is different for different things.

And we don’t say dogy dog for ninety nine either!!!!!

we say nine ten nine. nine ten mean ninety.

So how about ninty nine dogs everyone….

nine ten nine “number of” dogs

Thank You Class.