“Carbonated Soft Drink” takes me around the world

1 – Chocolate takes me around the world
2 – Beer takes me around the world
3 – Sludge takes me around Warrington

In this the fourth series of where work takes me around the world.

My latest work travel takes me to a carbonated soft drinks factory in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is exciting because it is more than 9 months since my last trip oversea and the first one since I’ve re-joined the company. From a work point of view, I am exciting to get away from the stress of the work I have in the UK. I love to escape and work in a different country, experience new things.

From a photography point of view, I am even more exciting to bring my new camera the Sony A6000 there. I will be heading to the capital Sofia where there are lots of historical buildings and sites to photograph. And luckily I will have a couple of days of free time for bit of sightseeing too and maybe some model shoots!

The site has also promised free and unlimited supply of soft drinks while we are there!!!

Now that I am back in the UK. I was lucky enough to have arranged 3 photoshoots while in Sofia. They were awesome models and I am really happy with all three shoots, some cracking shots too. To see more of my photos, please visit my photographic website at simonphotography.co.uk

Some teasers here, they are all shot with natural light only!

Model: Marina


Model: Joanna

Model: Celene

and finally me visiting the Rila Monastery and decreasing their trout population (Monastery Trout is the local popular dish)


Sludge takes me around Warrington

The third in this series, where I blog about where work takes me around the world. This is going to be a short blog as it is really uncool taking about sludge even though it seems I know quite alot about it.

This time is much less glamorous, but sludge is here to stay! I am not going to explain what sludge is, you can Google that if you don’t know.

I have moved jobs and since February this year, I have been working with a large engineering company. And for the very first time, “engineer” appears in my job title. I am no longer a waffling consultant who just give out advice, but now I have to do some real calculations and some real work! So far so good.

We have a long-term contract with one of the utilities companies and majority of my time is spent working on this contract. I get to visit a number of water and waste water treatment works. I also get to carry out lots of calculations of sludge, around sludge, with sludge and on sludge.

Sludge fun!

Sludge takes me around Warrington…

Soon there will be a 4th blog where a world-famous beverage brand is taking me around the world again 🙂


My first time in Manchester, 8 hours away from Cornwall

I went to school in Truro, Cornwall. I am from Westcountry. So don’t fool me with fake looking pasties…

This is a true account of the time when I came up to UMIST for my interview in Manchester for the very first time.

The train takes about 8 hours. It was a direct train from Truro all the way along the westcoast then to Birmingham then onto Manchester. The University has found me a cheap B&B hotel (Grafton Hotel £20). It was next to the Royal Infirmary just off Oxford Road. Although I was from Hong Kong and familiar to city life. I was little overwhelmed by Manchester at first, alone in a unknown city. All I remember people from Cornwall was saying: “Manchester is rough!” (They probably still think that now). So arm with this but also with my real excitement, as I really want to go to UMIST, I went to Manchester. It is also where Chemical Engineering had all started too. I was not a bright student, not good enough for Oxbridge, so UMIST was the next best uni in Chemical Engineering.

Got into a taxi heading for the hotel. My eyes kept looking out of the windows, there was nothing to see along Upper Brooke Street! The hotel was not modern at all, even worst than Trennick, my boarding house. The room was very small and there was no tele. For my dinner, I went out hoping to go to China Town. Not knowing any transport or directions!, I just kind of walked. My sense of direction is poor (still is), I went toward Rusholme rather than China Town. Got lost in little India. I was miles away and was so disappointed that I missed the opportunity. I was so looking forward to proper Chinese food. There are good takeaways in Truro, but it is not quite the same. Char Siu Rice ar….

Low in morale, low in energy, I had to settle for a pizza, not really wanting curry. Also went to the shop and got some magazines to fill the time in the evening. Back to the hotel and to my box room, ate the pizza, then had to open the windows to get rid of the smell. In the same time, feeling the cold wind coming in, you know Cornwall is much warmer. Then I was so tired, so headed for an early night for the important next day.

Our school has taught us well, encourage us to wear a suit to interview. I did and look pretty smart. Many other just turned up in their jeans and trainers. This was my first suit from the local Topman. I still have it in the wardrobe.

The one thing I was looking forward to is the Pilot Plant. UMIST is the only university has a pilot process plant. If you drive pass the new Macdonald Hotel near Piccadilly Station. The now named “Morton Laboratory” is still there, the hotel people want to have it knock down to improve their view but it is still there after a strong battle. It is there to stay!

The day was great, UMIST is a modern university, we got to go around Weston Hall. Ensuite Rooms, close to Uni & town, what sold me was INTRANET = INTERNET. No more 14.4kbps (yes 14.4kbps!) at school, it was 10MBps straight though to JANET, the inter-university link in the UK. I remember downloading was already at 600kb/s. This was more than 10 years ago! I still can’t get that speed in my new place…

Other than the attractive intranet, I was also impressed by my chat with my interviewer Prof Davey, who afterward became my tutor. I presented myself well and we chatted about what I was learning in Chemistry (btw Chem Eng don’t really have that much chemistry though). There were only good things that I saw afterward, the Joule Library, the Vimto thing, the statue of Archimedes, the computing facilities, sports facilities. I am definitely coming back and so I did with my luck.

I had to dash as the train was leaving at around 3pm. The train would arrived back to Truro at about 11pm just before roll call at Trennick.

I was both lucky and unlucky that I met my Physics teacher’s daughter who was travelling back down from Bath for her interview too. That meant two things, I can’t get await from the Physics test the morning after but at least I got a lift from his dad back to school.

That was my first time in Manchester and here I am now some 12 years after, the slope leading up to Piccadilly Train Station is still a joyful walk. I still called University of Manchester – UMIST, the Morton Laboratory – Pilot Plant, Sackville Street building – The Main building, Still stare at the changing colour logo at the top of Social Science building while driving on the Mancunian way (I will be careful).

Thanks for reading – My first Time in Manchester, 8 hours away from Cornwall!


RIP Professor Reg Mann

Prof. (Emer.) Reg Mann (passed away on Sunday, June 7, 2009) aged in his early 60s after a stroke.

He was my lecturer for “Chemical Reaction Engineering” at UMIST.

He was very well prepared but not a very good teacher. He is more fond of his research and company.

He once said to us student, he will charge us £125 per hour for asking him questions, same as what he gets from consultancy service.

Currently I am only a £85 per hour consultant and no where near his level. (if that was true).

Another memory I has was that he have created a computer programme for our course work. The programme would simple mark our coursework. Obviously saving his time for his research, company, and consultancy…

Of course it is not really a benefit to the students but I really admire the use of technology back then.

R.I.P Prof Mann

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