Laptop/Browser Puzzle

Now that I am working for a big corporate company and recently got a new laptop.

It is very lockdown as expected but the spec is so good that I am quite happy.

At first I was trying to find as many loophole, hidden channels as possbile. I like a good look around and do what I want!

The first puzzle – IE6 / Internet Assess

There was two options of lock down, either the firewall has lock down what application allow to connect to internet or a proxy server.

I remember when I was in Uni. how to set up internet access via proxy server.

The proxy server was great for downoading stuff even compare to now. Let me explain.

The proxy server simply was acting as a cache server. Popular downloads were already downloaded and stored on the server. Therefore it was just a case of file transfer from server to your computer. I still remember seeing my first 1Mbytes/second speed.

Back to my work’s laptop.

So stuck with IE6 and no way of installing firefox or changing firewall settings.

(USB) U3 is a pain to startup. Although (USB) Protable apps was better, with Firefox portable able to run, but no connection.

Today, I was trying to listen to Hong Kong online radio through WMP. It flagged up a login prompt for the ITproxy server. Obviously part of the windows install, the setting would be automatic to detect proxy!!!.

But now that I have address for the Proxy and next I need to know the port.

Let have a guess, 80 then 8080 bingo!

Puzzle solved

Now I am running Firefox Portable with built in Flash plugin. No more IE6.

I have my tabs back…

To solve is to know and to know is to solve!

get it!


Computer Markets

There are a several computer markets in Hong Kong.

The main ones are based in Wan Chai, Mong Kwok, Shum Shi Po, Causeway Bay

They all have their own characteristis and specialities.

I won’t go through them, what I want to talk about is the thought process behind it.

You have hundreds of shop selling the same stuff. It is very competitive.

You can trust them. Don’t think they are there to help you choose you product and what you need. They are there to earn a living, food on the table etc.

There might not be clear pricing. The classic being $5xx $8xx.

The best is let you know how I think when I go shopping there.

First, you must identify what you want exactly. Also give yourself backups, and alternatives, be little bit flexible.

Work out how much it should be.

Then hit the shop, you really have to go to as many shops and check the price out. Remember which shop looked decent and gave you a good price. Sometime it takes me hours to get what I want but at the end I always ask, is it worth my effort. Sometime definitely not, I would only save HK$10  (60p). But I get to say, I got it at the cheapest price and in Hong Kong that counts.

This is a very long winded process everytime and then you start to go to a few shops. They might be bigger chain and staffs are more friendly and the products are good. But at the end, it is price that matters.

In Manchester, we have rubbish service from Microdirect, who provides a good range of products at good prices. But need to improve on service definitely. Also there are computer fairs (markets), I go to those, but you need to pay £3 for entry fee. There are many stands there, many operated by Asians. Again it is a bit like Hong Kong, you need to go round and round to check prices.

I have say, I like doing that!

Scary Google

As much I was worried about Facebook and Apple. I really need to look at Google as well.

If you search Simon Ng, Enviros, my blog comes in number 1 in the world search.

OH MY GOD. The whole world is going to see this blog. It is not my intention really. I was hoping to rant about things in my own backyard. But now, it is like talking to the whole world. Just feel a bit naked! if you know what I mean.

Very scary. But I am still going tell you “The Truth nothing but the truth” in here.

No more “work the search”, anyone will be able to find this blog very easily.

I guess I will have to be slightly more careful. But I can explore the function on word press and make certain post private.

And when my visitor number is up, I will start charging for advertising.

Seriously, where there is sensitive post, I will put a password lock on.

You can email me for it, if you want to see it.

Take Care