It is the word I am taking out this moment. Fusion in my dictionary can mean many things. It is normally mixing things together (mostly good things). I am also going use it for a mixture of good skills.

It is a dish too, a curry pot or a casserole of good things.

Anyway, it is a mixture of good things. Like people a mixture of good skills, a mixture of good knowledge.

What I can see of this world is the slowly decline of FUSION people. This generation of the work force is becoming a procedure follower, a systemic machine.

Without the fusion of knowledge and skills, it is very difficult to be inspired, to be creative. People are becoming dull.

Am I saying that to be talented you need to have the openess to accept fusion? Yes.

Mix experience around from different situation and combine to form super experience.

I am on a journey to build a catalog of human profile, certainly a fusionist will exist amongst a list of many.

Fusionist – Generally described as open person with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of subjects and topics. A fusionist is always interested in new things and demonstrate a steak of talent.


How clever are you? Well it is very difficult to tell.

um I am more clever than so and so.

um but I am not stupid.

How can you tell?

Does being clever mean you have a higher IQ?

Not necessarily. But most likely.

Where is the border line between stupid and clever?

Can you learn to be more clever, developed to be smarter and most of all avoid being stupid.

I believe that my Intelligence Resource Methodology is here to help. It is a structured mind set that generate ArtificialIntelligence to help us become more smarter. I don’t think you can be more clever but more smarter will compensate for that.

Food for thought.

You all Spuds!

I was on site the other day with my colleagues plus one guest an Auditor of EU ETS for the site I was at.

At lunch I gone for my salad.

“Ric” sat down and I can see he has gone for Jacket and Chips!

So I asked

“You sure you didn’t want mash with that?”

then “Jac” sat down and I can see her also has gone for Jacket. Then to my disgust, the auditor lady also gone for a Jacket.

I just have to mention the canteen at this site is very good and serves many varieties of hot and cold food not just JACKET POTATOS!

So there I was the odd one out! You all SPUDS!

Mental Toughness

It is a very important quality to have, in the my work as a Consultant.

Tough as Metal! is it? No quite

When someone shout at you, you should not react by shouting by but understand why.

When you feel you are hard done by, you should not react within yourself and generate hatrate.

You should be able to absorb, reflect and move on in a positive manner.

Focus on moving forward.

Never give in or give up!

Simon’s Golden Words

Never React always Reflect

Never give just enough always give more

Demotivate the Motivators

If I was the motivator, who motivates me.

If I was the organiser, who organises me.

If I was the leader, who leads me.

If I was the cheer leader, who cheers me.

If I was the trainer, who trains me.

If I encourage people, who encourage me.

I never give up, but for the first time, I am losing the will to fight.

Just look around you and ask yourself have you done enough for people around you.

Stop thinking YOUSELF for once, just question yourself, have you help, support even talk to other people enough.

We are who we are, but we are also what other people think who we are.

(I need a cleaner! see previous post on Hygiene Level)

Lean Six Sigma (5)

Last day on the course. Luckily avoided the CHILLI shot the night before and people was talking about it in the room. It would be nice if I was to come back. I will miss these guys, not that I like any of them that much. It is the fact that next time when I do my green belt it will be with strangers!

Anyway, the final day was a long exercise on Value Stream mapping. I have to say it was quite straight forward. Some of my team mates took longer than I did to grasp the tool.

It was good that the week has finished early, it is also good that I am more focus and motivated.

Then I went back to the office and got some more abuse and “BACK DOWN TO ROTTEN EARTH”


Lean Six Sigma (2)

2 days on, I have not yet felt the need to sleep (during the course!). This means two things.

The subject is interesting and the trainer is good!

Whether you find Lean or Six Sigma interesting, you really have to find out for yourselves. But I want to start by describing the trainer.

He is black, with a slight brommie accent. He looks young, still in his 30s I think. He is assured, never jitter. There is no um, but, a, i, x, y, and Z. So I hear you say perfect. HA HA HA….HAHAHA! Obviously not, no one is perfect. His annoying habit is his explosive laughs. I have to say, he controls the atmosphere of the room very well. It is fun. But now everyone started to recognise the time when the explosive laughter have been ignited and we actually prepared for the explosion to come. I hope you get the picture. It starts with a HA HA (intake of Breath) then louder HA HA HA HA. Not evilly but comically!

Some more serious facts about “Claudius Cole” – my trainer. He is an Engineer, with a teacher certification and is a master black belt. So that is perfect.

He TALKS as an Engineer.

TEACHES as a Teacher.

AND I get the EXPERIENCES from an expert in Lean and Six Sigma.

He also reveals today that he received his Lean training from one of the original Japanese guy from Toyota. So I am pretty much getting the knowledge as good as from the horse’s mouth.

That is a BIG PLUS!!!

It fact, it might actually be better, because Claudius’ English will be much better than that of the Japanese guy. So in term of understanding, I would find Claudius better than the Japanese guy. Definitely no complaints there, just the explosive laughs to watch out for.

Now back to today’s course, again a lot of good TOOLS. The best of all is TRIZ. I shall not explain what it is and let wiki to help me.


It is very very useful. I will write more about TRIZ in future with more visual and spreadsheet aid. (when I get it from Claudius.)

Let me tell you a bit more about the Holiday Inn at York. The food is fabulous, tastes very good. The only thing I would complaint is the LARGE portion. However, it is very good value for money, the set menu of 3 courses is £20. I have to say the quality of the food is by far the best compare to all other hotel I have stay in while working away.

So if I am around York in future for work or pleasure, this is the hotel to stay in.

Look at the deal I’ve got, B&B £62 for 3 nights and £75 for 2 nights. So on average it is £67.2 per night. If I am staying at Premier Inn, it would be £65ish anyway. So for me it is a no brainer. It will also do me no harm on my points for the Priority Club!

So I have told you something about the journey getting me to this training. I have also told you something about the course and my trainer. So tomorrow I shall talk about some of the “trainees”. This also means that I have to break my ASBO by going to the bar earlier to speak to them and dig out some interesting facts.

ps I wrote an very appreciative email to my director who has supported me in getting this training. I can’t change his mind from leaving the company. I can’t even show him the skills I have learnt from this course. All I can do is say a big big thank you. Bare in mind I don’t do this often. It is normally I help people. When people help me, I DO appreciate it. I will NEVER forget this. I do have the memory to remember and remind myself not to forget. So as long as my memory last, he will always be remembered as the one who got me on the first step. I promise that every time I do any work on Lean and Six Sigma. He will be credited!

hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray

Hong Kong People

Now, is it

Hong Kong People

Hong Kong nese

Hong Kong ian


Don’t know what we should call ourselves.

All I know is Hong Kong People (HKP) are very hungry, hungry in improving, a better quality of life. It is that spirit in HKP that drive us.

As much as I can reference to is my parents and my generation. There are many problems which the generation below my that I would talk about in a different post.

So who are we HKP. We are a mix culture bunch. Half Westernise and Half Chinese. Although the percentage split is dependent on the route you take. For example I would say I am 60:40 English:Chinese. But if you consider that for the last 50 years, HKP live in a dual society world. Both English and Chinese society co-exist. We celebrate Christmas as much as Chinese new year. I still remember going to a hotel for a Christmas buffet. It was very expensive but you get to eat Turkey (In Chinese, Turkey is pronounced as Fire Chicken!). So it is luxury to have Fire Chicken, even though it is dry and doesn’t really taste that good.

Anyway, my points that we live in 2 worlds. What HKP does well is live in the best of both worlds.

I hope when you meet someone from Hong Kong, you will agree with me here.

HKP has a deep desire to do well. That drive is built in us. So be it that many people live on the short term but many has the same drive. We might be snake headed sometime, but we move forward at pace.

It is a very difficult world to live, and work. It is always a sprint not a Marathon.

But we all live with hope that tommorrow will be better.

At end of this post I just want to say.

Hong Kong People never stops. We never stop driving forward to better things.

The second you stop is the second that someone overtakes you.

Keep Going


Mind that door

I was going to work. As I appoach the front office door. I saw a young women pulling the door.

Not once, twice in fact three or four time.

I obviously know the door is not broken. You need a keyfob to get in, my dear!

As I appoach the door, I got my key fob out and opened the door.

I asked her what company she was visiting.

She said: “Enviros”

I said “OK”

I also very kindly pointed out to her that there is an intercom panel on the left hand side. That she should use it to gain access not by bute force entry.

I then led her to our office. I told our office support we have a visitior. She then said;

“I am here for an interview”

If I was interviewing her, she would have already failed at the door!

I would suggest that she could do with a little bit more thinking!


Steve, Anthony and Paris

Let me be honest, this is a hilarious story

“Gentlements, don’t be boring” said Paris, as she said down next to Anthony and Steve.

You will ask who the fcuk is Paris.

Well, who the fcuk are Steve and Anthony anyway

I can tell you Simon is Steve,

Both names were made up for a reason, to hide our true identity. “Role Playing so to speak.”

Someone called Paris had a thing for Anthony and really not so much on Steve. oh……

She obvious keen on Anthony. Anthony has kindly brought her a pint!

The funny thing was, Steve was not brothered at all, because she only scored 2 out of 10 on his scale (It would had been 1 out of 10 if Steve was sober!).

In fact, Steve would regard my self very very unlucky if she had anything interest on Steve!

And Steve was keep sending text to Anthony that “She is going to eat you alive”

“Should I tell Paris your room number”

Steve was simply winding Anthony up.

Steve cannot stop taking the piss.

Anthony was trying to tell Steve to get out.

So Steve buggered off.

But Steve REALLY though he need to make sure Anthony was ok.

He came back (1st time)

He saw Anthony as he was about to call Steve outside the pub.

Steve went “How are you ANTHONY!!!”

Anthony: “I am fine, I can handle myself, thank you”

Steve and Anthony then headed back to their rooms.

Steve then though “as courtesy” he should return to the bar to see how Paris was, (2nd Time)

At the end of the day, She was quite Fcuk up, anything could had happened.

As he returns to the bar, he was surprised to see Anthony was there.

So he withdrawn himself back to his room and wrote this blog… … … … …

Next morning, Steve continued the p taking.

Jerry Springer: “Take care yourselves and each other!” echoed by Steve