Sorry for not writing a post for a while. Back with some deep stuff I guess…

Do you reflect? Reflect on what you do? How’s your day been? Where you are heading?

When I was little, my mum taught me to reflect every night before I go to sleep. Consider what I have and haven’t done well! Sometime I have to admit that looking back can be painful. I would rather look forward only. But you cannot really go forward without looking back, as your baggage becomes heavier and heavier.

One must learn about how ones behave today to correct ones behaviour tomorrow.

Reflecting is like facing your demons. I am human and make a lot of mistakes. Do I go over every mistake and learn from them? Probably not, but I try to. There are good days and there are bad days. But as long as you are honest with yourself then you can really clear your mind burdens.

Reflecting helps me, and gives me strength to get up the next day, do the things I do well and tackle the things I don’t do well. It is not all above criticising either, sometime it is also very positives. I can be jumping up and down before I go to sleep, because I have done something I am proud off. Give yourself a pat on the back!

You answer to no one, you answer to yourself. Why would you let other people judge you when you can be your own judge?

Reflection or Reflecting is actually a learning and self continuous improvement technique. You can probably find out more from Google.



Can you shuffle like Simon?

I can shuffle a pack of cards.

The actually name of my shuffle is called “The Riffle Shuffle”.

When I was very young in Hong Kong, we used to play alot indoors, whether it is cards or board games.

My auntie Iris and Peggy taught us (the little ones) how to play cards and shuffle.

Few weeks back, I went along to a poker game with colleagues. I just pick up the pack of cards and did my shuffle.

I kind of announced myself to the table, since no one else can shuffle like Simon!

This shuffling technique is actually very simple, watch and learn.

Stories of The Ryan House Four Tigers

This year is the year of Tiger, it reminds me of “The Ryan House Four Tigers”

Ryan House was the name of the student block of flats that I have stayed with three others during my 2nd year at Uni. It is located on Cavendish Street in Hulme. The three other Tigers were Adam, Edward and Pedro.

The beginning

Edward and Adam were my fellow hallmates of mine at Weston Hall during the 1st year. I got to know them through playing Basketball. Pedro is Edward’s coursemate and he also tagged along to play basketball too. Needed to find a place to stay for the 2nd year, I was open to a few options. I was going to rent a place with my coursemate Lester but needing to find others to make up the number for a house shared. A fellow UMIST football teammates & ChemEnger also asked me to join his houseshare in Didsbury. Well I took the third option when Edward asked me whether I would like to join them. Edward, Adam and Pedro were looking together and have found this new build private student hall. All they were missing was me the fourth person to make up the number for the flat. So I joined them and Ryan House.

Ryan House

Ryan House was privately owned. It was going to be built just in time for us to move in. It was charging £60 per week similar to that for Weston Hall. We were at Flat 7 on the third floor. Not surprisingly there were alot of South East Asian students too. The flat opposite also came from Hong Kong but study at University of Manchester. The flat above was Singaporeans and the flat below was Malaysians. One of the attraction was the claim that Ryan House will have an internet link with the University similar to University halls like Weston. But this claim never came true, so slow death dialup it was then. The guy who owned the building didn’t really have alot of experience of running a student hall. They splashed out on new Ikea furniture everywhere. One mistake was he didn’t bring in comerical coin-operated washing machines and dryers. He just installed normal domestic ones. This meant that there was no way of recharging us the students. So hurray for free laundry!

Cooking Roster

We had a cooking roster. That was the fun part of living together that year. Pedro didn’t really want to think about cooking so he volunteered to do the washing up (everyday that is!). So the cooking roster was between us the other three. Basically we rotated to cook for everyone. Proper Chinese dinner that is, no oven or microwave rubbish! We were quite traditional in that sense, having RICE everyday!!! There would normally be three dishes, two meat ones and one veg. Funny enough we had our own different style, so dinner was never dull.

Edward’s style was “Choppy”. He chopped and cooked everything in small chunks and bites.

Adam like Chinese style steam water-egg and other very homie dishes.

Not surprisingly I was the extravangant cook who would try anything and was also the messy one!

We normally finished Uni at around 4/5ish and would come home to cook. I don’t think many other people did it like us. But religiously it went on throughout that year.

Weekly Supermarket

Our local supermarket was Asda in Hulme. It was about 20 minutes walk from our place. Again we would religiously go together during the weekend. We would take out two trolleys one for shared food and one for personal stuff. It is normally the case that Pedro and I were buying too much for our own personal indulgence. Edward has to in many occasions stop us the children!

We would then wait for a taxi to take us back. When we got back I would be the one to interpret the receipt and we would work out who owes money to who etc. We kept a noticeboard in the lounge for tracking our debts.

Dinner Time TV

Although there was no fast internet, the owner of the hall was kind enough to set us up with then called ON Digital. They funded the basic package but we had upgraded to get the Sky Sports channels. I remember one period we were watching Dragon Ball Z on cartoon networks, then series of Friends, NBA basketballs and football of course. Adam being a ManU fan, Edward is a Liverpool fan and me the Gooner!

Weekly Basketball

Every Saturday morning we all went to play basketball together at Sugden Sports Centre. And again we had our own different style of play too. Adam’s Jordan fadeaway, Edward’s all round brilliance, Pedro the unorthodox and me the big slow shooting rather than layup centre.

Rubbish & Micky Mouse

I was lucky that day when it was my turn to cook. So I watch the event unfolded from upstairs. There were a big pile of rubbish building up because other flats were not dumping rubbish properly into the bins. They just trunked out onto the backyard. We the sensible lot put up a notice to ask everyone to join in and clear the rubbish. Unsurprisingly no one came other than ourselves. With me watching on from upstairs’ window, Adam, Edward and Pedro went about clearing the rubbish. They form a human line and started to transfer the rubbish bags into the big bins. After a few bags were removed. A frightened Micky Mouse dashed out. He first bumped into Edward’s right foot then bounced on to this left before going through his legs and ran towards Adam. Who was then shouting “Mouse Mouse Mouse!” in a shocking voice and jumped immediately onto one of the concrete pillars. I was have the best of time watching from above. The mission was then abandoned and we reported it to the managing agent. They got a professional guy out and murdered Micky. As a lesson for our fellow residents, Micky was hanged on the wall immediately behind the back door to reminder others. Well it definitely reminded Adam & Edward for a second time. When they took the rubbish down and were shocked to see the hanging Micky clearly displayed in front of their faces. I would definitely have nightmares if I was one of them.

There were many other memorable stories but I will keep them until the next time.

Take Care of yourself and each other


How “Old School” are they?

Definition of old school: “A group committed to traditional (old)  ideas or practices”

How old is traditional? How traditional is old?

The definition of “old school” would be different comparing someone in their 20s than someone in their 30s.

The term old school is relative. I think the “old school” barrier is at age 30. You can’t be called “old school” until you have passed that.

There are also different levels of “Old School”

Someone might say “very old school” but actually means “old old school” or even “old old old school”

“old school” is a phase that relate to whoever say it.

On the other hand, nobody say “new school”

“oh these new starters are all new school!” Doesn’t really sound right.

So if tradition (“number of old”) changes approximately every 10/20 years. It could even be “old old old old school”

So next time, you use the phase, make sure you count the number of “old” first.

BTW, I am “intermediate school” not yet “old school”…..

British reacting slowly

Let have a cup of tea and have a discussion about what we are going to do.

I admire the British for developing structures and systems. But when it come to action, they are always slow to react.

Where is the decision maker, where is the ruthlessness.

In some case, just be more direct, rather than passive.

If I believe in a clever dictator system, is foolish bureaucracy the opposite and what we have here.

Swine flu is yet another example, if people have flu, even just the normal flu, rest, take some paracetamol and DON’T come to work to spread the virus. Isolate. it is very simple no no, we let it spread, because we can’t control it.

Let talk about alert level and setup a system for the benefit of the public.

Might be my clever dictatorship is far too extreme but how about a smart expect. I like a smart doctor to give me advice not a useless help-desk person reading off the screen.

Just get some actions in place.

No more discussion,  no more useless meeting, no more brainless non-functional help-desk.

We want advice, clear advice on what to do. From diganosis to medication, it is simple please don’t complex thing by “talking about it”


What is the odds?

Someone in the office bet me £1 today on Pakistan to win after Sri Lanka posted a score of 151 in the World Twenty20 Cricket match.

I, the poker player, did a very quick assessment on the odd and thought he was on a losing bet.

Yes it is only a pound but the mind process of assessing the odd is very fascinating.

150 was a par score really and the run chase should be exciting. But I made the assessment that Sri Lanka has too much spinners just in Murali and Pakistan’s batting form is poor. So it was easy to take his pound! My knowledge was key here.

There was a bit of fun for him, and a little bit more for me.

Any more bets please. I will take you on.

Is it a meeting or communication?

In Simon’s simple terms

A meeting is to share and discuss, to present arguements and reasons. There should be actions and outcome. It is where you bring you mind along to think.

A communication is just to listen. Or in realaity get told what you need to do!

Sometime a meeting can turn into a communication. However you do have a chance, very slim one to challenge by speaking out.

But most of the time, the dicussion has already been taken. Then speaking out would be negative as it is seem rebelling.

Are you lost or are you nodding your head?

I would rather go to real meeting than a communcation. I have a idle super brain that need thinking.

Angry Men in Office

What is it? An office move and an invasion of new colleagues from parent company.

At least it is quiet down (only in terms of no more removal man moving furniture)

So let me tell you little bit about my new colleagues. Some look high up and some just aren’t not. The car park today became a white man van parking yard.

The splash of new identity is to doing my head in. I am one for historical stubborn values.

March Consulting shall live forever.

What do you expect, my parent company is a building services / construction company. There are just more men behaving badly men about.

There are a couple of tough ladies though, I guess they got used to be in a rough men dominant environment.

Anyway, nothing bother me most than this.

The gents stinks. There is a Chinese Phase

“Angry men have smelly poo”

So there you go, we have angry men in the office!


Returning to UK (Feb2008)

It has been a while. I should have written this post a long time ago.

On the flight back from Hong Kong to UK. Something happened.

I luckily book ROW 28. If you are a BA frequent flyer you will know this is the seats next to the door. There are no body in front and there is only 2 seats. For a 6’1 person, it is superb comfort to be able to exten my legs on the plane.

I got on the plane late, there was already someone sitting on the windows.

I am very good at reading people. My first impression was she is a bit stuck up, blond, reading a magazine with her legs crossed in such a way. So I dare to even say hello.

Afterward, I did try to make a conversation. Taking about the good seat is difficult to get etc. She said going to Hong Kong is for work. I didn’t ask nor I figured out what she does but it might be something to do with fashion or clothings. I can still remember she ordered a Bloody Mary, changed to her comfy tracky bottom before going to sleep. (Obviously in the toliet not at the seat!)

There I was reading my book then watching a film, after that I went to semi-sleep (I never really can sleep on the plane). Then I felt a pressure on my right shoulder. It was her head, BORROWING my shoulder as pillow for FREE! I have lent my left shoulder out before but this is the first on the right!

Anyway, it was until many minutes later she recognised, and move her head away.

I hope it was comfortable enough! It was free after all!

Anyway, with that big diamond ring on, you wouldn’t have thought she wouldn’t have borrow other people’s shoulder!

So there it was a little story for you.