Mental Toughness

It is a very important quality to have, in the my work as a Consultant.

Tough as Metal! is it? No quite

When someone shout at you, you should not react by shouting by but understand why.

When you feel you are hard done by, you should not react within yourself and generate hatrate.

You should be able to absorb, reflect and move on in a positive manner.

Focus on moving forward.

Never give in or give up!

Simon’s Golden Words

Never React always Reflect

Never give just enough always give more

There are problems I can’t solve.

What happens when I face with problems I can’t solve.

Quite simply I cry. I show emotion and saddness. I would also ask “why me?”. This is my true self that I don’t normally show people. I show regret, disappointment, sometime even anger (very rare). I like to hide this from people (sometime from myself too). There is normally just me. (quite often in the shower! and in the dark!)

This is how I deal with negative emotion. I shut out all my senses and be alone in the dark. I don’t need anyone. All I need is myself to myself.

What normally happens is that I absorb all these emotions and would be fresh in the morning to fight another day!

I feel embrassed telling everyone. Right now I am asking myself whether telling others would help me.

I sometime really don’t understand myself. It is like I am making it up as I go along.

At the end of the day, I just have to accept there are problems I can’t solve.

Can’t solve it at this moment anyway. I will remember to come back to it one day.

PS I know it might not be meaningful to you. I wrote this post because this is my blog, and it is about the real me.