My Windows Mobile History

Why Windows Mobile? Because it let me do whatever I want and needed.

I have been a portable Windows Device user for sometime.

It start with my Compaq iPAQ pad 3600. It was running WM2003. I got it mainly for TomTom. It was year 2003 when SatNav is still a luxury. I bought a GPS jacket for my iPAQ and installed TomTom 2.

Then I moved on to a better iPAQ H5550 with fingerprint scanner, running WM2003 with TomTom3 and bluetooth GPS

Then I crashed it, while trying to update the ROM.

I purchased an O2 XDA Atom while I was in Hong Kong.

This was my first Windows Mobile (a phone as well as a PDA), it was running WM5. Now I can carry one gadget less with me. It was my phone, my PDA, my TomTom.

Next I upgraded myself to truly one of the great Windows Mobile.

The HTC Kaiser, with full qwerty keyboard and a tilting screen. It was running WM6 (later WM6.1) with 3G connectivity. It was great for my work, while I was on site, I can connect to 3G broadband. and was still my TomTom (now version 6).

Now I am using a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Windows Mobile. It is more stylish and still has the qwerty keyboard. The screen resolution is brilliant, can watch decent video on it. But it is more like a phone, compare to iPhonce, it can do much more. It is as powerful as a computer. It is still my TomTom (now version 7)

It is my phone, my camera, my emailer, my web browser, my 3G modem, my TomTom, my music and video player, my calendar, my contact book, my Twitter tool. It is no match for the iPhone or Blackberry or Android

Will do a proper review on it later.

No Services Please!

Recession has one big impact of stopping positive change and technology improvement.

Even if the chance is there, the risk SEEMS to be increased and put the spanner in the works.

In the UK, manufacturing has been on a constant decline over the last 10 years and now the credit crunch has pretty much kill off manufacturing. The UK is becoming just a services nation. Just selling, advertising, marketing, etc. These are soft skills replacing the hard skills.

The current generation of graduates are forced into this service market. The business workplace has pushed people into more commercial.

I have to say a service market turn majority of the people’s brains off. Don’t take me work, there would still be clever, smart and creative people. But for majority people in a services market, they will just become a process, a computer processing. Human evolving to be a computer. I thought we would suppose to  develop the computer to become more like us.

We have to fight even harder at this time to keep montivation on being creative and maintain engineering and technology skills.

I for one will keep fighting for a continue technology revolution.

I am an engineer, no services please.