Office Reshuffle

Every where else does it, reshuffling.

Government Cabinet, Class Room sitting plan, etc.

The reason is to refresh people. Create NEW relationship in the New Surroundings.

So not quite a full reshuffle, I have move desk and so has many of my colleagues.

Now I am sitting with my team not really on my own.

The advantage is team bonding and disadvantage is the NOISE.

(PS also I have a eye sore! I can see “The theatre of Sh1te” aka Old Trafford from my window.)

I do wonder one day, am I too late to work somewhere that I can see The Emirates outside my windows.


I am so proud to be sitting around proper Chemical Engineers again for the day. ( I am on a Chemical Site!)

That arrogance, that attitude, that intelligence, that determination just sum up who Chem-Eng-ers are.

I do miss that some time. There is no problem Chem-Eng-ers can’t solve. We won’t walk out of an problem, even if it is electrical.

I don’t know where all these mentalities come in. I look back at my University years. I think there were definitely high expectations. As a Chem Eng undergraduate, the expectation is high, even higher than medicine or law. It is very demanding. May be it is this expectation that drive the change in attitude. I know for a fact that there are lots of people drop out of the course.

Can’t hack it? I for one did consider this. I am not academically bright, and sometime I struggle to grasp the concept. Ok they are very hard concept sometime, but still there was time what I can’t hack it.

But you know me by now that, I never walk away from a fight. Now that I can look back and look forward as a proper Chem-Eng-er.

Lean Six Sigma (3)

I know I am getting an audience. So I will deliver a fun and interesting post.

Like I always do, I drift and I will do just that now.

The reason I write a blog is to tell people who I am, what I am about, I do what I write. The truth nothing but the true. I know sometime my views are controversial. I accept that but I also accept I am an extraordinary person with special skills. If you feel I am arrogant, I bet you think otherwise after you meet me!

So back to DAY 3 on my Lean Six Sigma course. From yesterday, I said I would talk about my course-mates. This obviously coincided with today being a group exercise day and quiz day.

We have our notes and knew already that we have finished all the six sigma materials in the 2 previous days. We also knew that Lean is starting on Thursday  so TODAY  it was a mystery of what going to happen. Obvious there are people just doing the “PURE” Six Sigma (Which I think Lean is as important, now also knowing the trainer got his from a founder of Lean).

Today has been the most fun. Morning being a group task, using what we have learn and apply them on a case study problem. It was very testing. There were 5 teams and yes as much as I hate to LOSE, we came last on the vote. If this make sense to anyone, I presented an INTERACTIVE swim-lane process mapping with post-it notes. Anyway, our team was disjointed and hence received no vote!

So I had to look forward to the afternoon. We heard it was a test, but it was actually 2 teams in a Family Fortune style Quiz. Slightly different rules, the quiz master select questions with different points. If the individual take the question on his/her own and answer correctly then you received an extra bonus point. He/she can consult with the team and lose the chance to win the bonus point. When the other team gets it wrong, it is offered to the other side.

My first question was for 5 points. I had to state the 5 steps in Six Sigma. Easy enough for me to take it on my own, Define, Measure, Analayse, Improve and Control. 6 points in the bag. I was happy and so was the team, but really we went downhill from there on wards. Losing to the other team in the end. Mr competitive (me) was actually very happy even though I have lost both tasks. It is the learning that matters. This prompted me to remember whenever I can “select the RIGHT team”. You can run world record time but if there is weaklink in the team, you still lose the relay. I remember I said I am one of the brightest apple in the course and I do mean that. There are people that is so far behind. I know there are people in the twenties (me), thirdties, forties, fifties, and even sixties. May be the younger ones pick up quicker.

I chanllenge you to identify the weak link in your team and company!

Tonight, I broke my ASBO and went to the bar eariler. There are some interesting people in our course. I was eating with a observer (a MBB called Danuta), John from a clothing logistic company and Leo from a glass manufacturer. I think my company (not Enviros) was appricated. We had good conversations etc. We chatted with each person’s experiences and just general conversation. But in IRM I have a process call “PUZZLING”. The puzzle is an image of a person, you build up the image bit by bit with information “PUZZLING”.  You need to be openminded about the whole image. We need to based on the information you recieved from coversation to build up the image. There become easiler when people drink more and become more relax. They talk more! Also they help you build other images. Like someone tell me something more about our trainer. Now that is share knowledge but it helps me to puzzle up his image a bit more.

So it has been a good evening, I have learnt and pickup alot.

I talk alot but I also listen alot. I sometime forget what I say, but I never forget what I hear. I am like a sponge always soaking up information and knowledge. I learnt alot from my conversation with people.

Someone used to work for Ribena & Sony and he/she shared his/her experiences. Valuable!

Someone works for a company that has just overtaken by the Mighty Chinese. I shared the Chinese working standard of 8am-10pm with them. It is surpised to them, but we work all day all night. We are all workaholics.

Anyway, today’s is all about people, it is not about what you have learnt. It is about working with people, different age, differnet background and different intelligent level.


And of course effctive “PUZZLING”

Really looking for tomorrow the start of LEAN.

Hygiene Levels

No editing, stright from a MBA-ed Director’s email. We need cleaners!

Salary is very emotive, but as long as Management are fair and consistent, it should never be a problem


Basis hygiene motivators only last so long, then the intrinsic motivators kick in which are the real motivators

We need to work on both right now as the hygiene levels are below the market standard.


????????o? – RETURN

?????? (Wa Wa Wa) is my favorite Hong Kong Radio Programme on Commerical Radio FM903.

The programme first started, must be nearly 10 years ago. It is a topical chat show hosted by ??? Sandra Ng. ( and others. She is an actress but sometime better known as a radio personality or comedian.

Wa Wa Wa is full of fun and laughters. Sometime is also educational. Most of audience are in their early twenties. Many find the programme good for de-stress. With high pressure life in HK and home-sicked and bored life outside HK, many find time to relax listening to Wa Wa Wa.

I am one of them. I listen every day. It gave me news about HK but more importantly the entertainment, the jokes, the laughters. It bring me back home.

She gave birth to a daughter 2 years ago and has since stop producing the programme. But after the long wait she is now back this week, to fill the gaps of many lifes in HK and also people outside of HK.