Last week I went to meet ERM – Environmental Resource Management.

They have an office in Exchange Quay (couple of Quays down where I live and work at the moment). It reminded me of Hong Kong. High commerical buildings. Very Hong Kong like.

They got my name from an ex-enviros guy. Well I duly accepted to meet them. Little bit like a interview than an informal chat. I didn’t give away anything. Neither did I show how desperate I wanted the job nor how much I love Enviros. 50-50 still.

Well there is always a bate. and it is the Hong Kong office. Very big bate. I am quite interested in that. But the downer is that they don’t do much process / technical work.

So the ball is in their court. Show me the money I say and I will make a decision.

ps just and a quick look, but they have more good looking ladies in the office compare to ours.

that is a factor too………


Thursday – Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering FAQ

I want to let you know what Chem Eng is all about.

Let start with a FAQ and a few links.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Our modern society relies on the work of Chemical Engineers – they help manage resources, protect the environment and control health and safety procedures, while developing the processes that make the products we desire or depend on.

Chemical Engineering is all about changing raw materials into useful products you use everyday in a safe and cost effective way. For example petrol, plastics and synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, all come from oil.

Chemical Engineers understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, to create everything from face creams to fuels.

Biochemical Engineering, a more recent offshoot of Chemical Engineering, uses the very latest technology to produce pharmaceuticals and foods.

What is Chemical Engineering?
wiki – Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical science (e.g. chemistry and physics), with mathematics, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms. As well as producing useful materials, chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques; an important form of research and development. A person employed in this field is called a chemical engineer.

Chemical engineering largely involves the design and maintenance of chemical processes for large-scale manufacture. Chemical engineers in this branch are usually employed under the title of process engineer. The development of the large-scale processes characteristic of industrialized economies is a feat of chemical engineering, not chemistry. Indeed, chemical engineers are responsible for the availability of the modern high-quality materials that are essential for running an industrial economy.

You never walk alone

Fellow football fan will know that YNWA is Liverpool Football Club’s song. England has thier national anthem, and land of hope and glory, and that Brittany song.

Man City has their Blue Moon. Everton has one too, sorry forgot the name. and many other football or sporting team has a song too.

They are not just songs, they are the 13th man (in football). People say the crowd is the 12th man and the song is the 13th. They bring unity and yet transfer ENERGY onto the pitch.

The power is unbelievable. Unfortunately Arsenal don’t really have one. I really wish we have one. Like Liverpool’s. That’s what football is all about. A wet and cold English mid afternoon but everyone is singing the same song that gives your team energy and also scare off the opponent.

You never walk alone!


My brain never stop.
My thinking power is my inspiration.

Every Monday you will see some of this.

First idea – Film idea

I am not Tarantino but it doesn;t mean I cannot think of a good file idea.

Right it is about people who works nights. It is all set in the dark.

There is a few characters at the moment.

Johnny who works in a supermarket stacking shelves at night.
Vivian who works for a financial investment company looking at the far east market.
Dave who is a night security guard for a shopping centre
Gemma who works for a 24 hour call centre.
Steve who works for a local radio station as a night DJ.

They all share a house. The film looks at the everyday life. How they are seperated from the world and how they enjoy thier small little world and the advantage and disadvantage, the fun and sad.

There will be a love story where one of the male character will meet some one from the day world and he has to make a decision of switch back.

The aim of this film is really to highlight the night world and let everyone knows about these type of people and how they live.

And as always there will be some comedy involved. It is no point if it is not fun.

The title will be “Nightlife”

One day I will start writing the script.

Themes for each day

I am trying to structure everything here so.

I will have a theme for everyday.

Monday – Ideas

Tuesday – Odd facts and knowledge

Wednesday – Ask me anything?

Thursday – Chemical Engineering / Energy Efficiency

Friday – Fun Mind Games

Saturaday & Sunday – Random Goodness


Doctor Who Alias


Do you watch Doctor Who? (Probably only applies to UK readers)

So you have The Doctor – He is the main character. He is called the Doctor because he goes round helping people.

You have The Master – He is the evil dictator.

Now what about you. Please post comments.

I think I would be The Librarian.

This is because, I have a very good memory, knows alot and has a very organised way of working and thinking.

I am The Librarian who can talk of the past and predict the future.

Energy Software

Nothing interesting today but one of my spreadsheet tool

Biomass Trigeneration Model is working perfectly.

Now I have OppsDB – Energy Opportunities Management and Tracking Tool

enTools ( – Energy Management Tool (Excel Addin)

enShare – Energy Management Sharepoint

Future products

enTrack – Energy Monitoring and Target (addin for entools)

For any Energy Software queties please contact

Just to let whoever reads my blog knows that there are going to be many exciting Columns entries. Obviously they are not completed as yet but I will let everyone know when they are.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


Happy Friday’s Game


Every Friday I will post a fun mind game.

To help you have FUN…..

The animal imaginator

If you work in an office with alot of people, that’s great.

If you can imagine your fellow colleagues as animals.

Based on how they walk, talk, move, physic etc..

So you can have bear, dog, any animal.

Replace the vision of your colleague with a vision of an animal.

Once you have one for each in the office. You will start to see the funny side.

Take Care. More Mind Game next week.