Danish Swirl

Last week, I went to Denmark for work, to carry out a training course (like a train the trainer course).

I honestly have to say it was very tough. I am my own hash critic. My performance was acceptable but room for improvement. I was not really at my best, troubled by my current “depressed” mindset.

Anyway, didn’t really see a lot of Denmark. I was very impressed with the Technology everywhere. All the taxis are equipped with TV and credit card machine, etc. There are also a lot of sensors and computerized gadget around.

Everywhere is clean and tidy. But there was a lot of wind and wood. I am sure in the summer it is a nice place to visit again.

The trip has also brought me to the origin of LEGO, which still is my favorite toy. (I did buy myself one at the airport).

Vi ses (See you in Danish)

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