Find and Replace (F&R)

When find and replace was first introduce to computing, it was a major breakthrough.

In school, we use to have so much fun to.

Using find and replace and changing SOMEONE ELSE work is a classic plank!

Some simple examples for you.

Find “I” and Replace with “I the Wanker” “I the Gay” “Miss (teachers name)”

Find “do” and Replace with “don’t”

Find “don’t” and Replace with “do”

same for is, are was, were etc, the report will read very well after all the F&R

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IT, then close word down, so there will be NO UNDO!!!!!

Obviously, we would save a copy SOMEWHERE else for save keeping.

A plank should always have a good ending, it is just a bit of fun!

Try it!


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