How “Old School” are they?

Definition of old school: “A group committed to traditional (old)  ideas or practices”

How old is traditional? How traditional is old?

The definition of “old school” would be different comparing someone in their 20s than someone in their 30s.

The term old school is relative. I think the “old school” barrier is at age 30. You can’t be called “old school” until you have passed that.

There are also different levels of “Old School”

Someone might say “very old school” but actually means “old old school” or even “old old old school”

“old school” is a phase that relate to whoever say it.

On the other hand, nobody say “new school”

“oh these new starters are all new school!” Doesn’t really sound right.

So if tradition (“number of old”) changes approximately every 10/20 years. It could even be “old old old old school”

So next time, you use the phase, make sure you count the number of “old” first.

BTW, I am “intermediate school” not yet “old school”…..

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