Jimmy’s Kindergarden

It was a trend to send your child to kindergarden/pre-school and still is.

From the age of 3 to 5, I attended Jimmy’s Kindergarden in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Believe me, I still have a lot of memories, even though it is more than 25yrs ago. I will try to give you some highlights.

For a start, my name is Ka Man Ng. I hated the name when I was young. Here was one of the reasons why.

There was a girl in the same class as me with the same name Ka Man Ng, although the Chinese character was different, but the pronouniation was the same and therefore the English name was spelt the same. Yes my name sounded girly in Cantonese! Please give me a break.

Aside from name calling, in those days you scribble and draw alot. I was rubbish really at either. I was already a funsionist (see previous post) by then, I once stuck a canyon into a pot of glue to see what happen. I was told off very loudly and the teacher told my mum afterward, bad times.

I was already a Chemical Engineer back then, mixing the dye into the glue to create colour glue! or the other way around to make sticky ink! There was nothing wrong about trying to be creative.

I remember my favourite toy was the plastic cash till machine, when you pressed the button the draw came out. chi ching.

So when will I have a shop then! Not anytime soon…

The highlight of the year was when Uncle McDonald from yes the “McDonald’s” came by and visited. Brainwashing the kids to like junk food, not on really. But it was really the best time, you get free burgers, some lucky ones.

I was really thick back then, stupid and dumb. I was so quiet the teacher thinks I am a crazy child, also given that I stick things in glue, not normal apparently. What do they know!

Next time when I am back in HK, I will dig out some photos if they are not too embarrassing.

Any other Jimmy’s out there, it is a very small world you know.

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