Never standing still and Never giving in

It is very difficult for me to explain my tendency to hide away from thing.

Deep down I am a very shy person and I tend to shy away from everything. Sometime I walk away and sometime I just hide.

I have been like to for most of my life.

At time, I do make impulsive decisions to counteract my shyness. But this takes alot of energy. Most of the time, I just think too much.

I do hate myself sometime for missing out, “Standing Still”. But you never able to time travel and re-live your life. The moment you are standing still is the moment you have just lost.

For me, I never wanted to be stood still. I search for improvement, upgrade the next level, whatever. This is essentially what we human does, right?

I have enough of standing still and I have made a promise to myself I will change from now on. Help me if you can!

The other side of me, is a grafter. I work and work, in fact never stop working to achieve what I want. However low or down I am, I pull myself together. I have never give in and will never give in. I can’t explain this either.

It is something in me that will never give up. Everyone needs something to recharge themselves. For me it is in the shower. There is something magical happens when I am in the shower. I think straight, I solve problems, I see the truth, I understand, I realise, I figure out.

It is funny that sometime to go forward you have to be standing still!

ps many of my blog entries have no real intentions or meaning, it is just a download of what I am thinking right now. I only hope to inspire or initiate your thought process.


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