Equal and Opposite

If you are studying my intelligence resource you will be familiar 4Cs.

The first C is Categorise.

This is the way we put thing into their place. Socks in the bottom draw, shirts in the wardrobe, t-shirt on the shelves.

In simple programming, if function is used a lot. If we look at how computer analyse data in binary mode. It is either 1 or 0. So in our simply If function, it might be

If Helen’s chest = big then She is hot!

What else can you use as the operator.

not equal
larger than
smaller than

The latter two is covered under the 2nd and 3rd C.

The first 2 is what I want to touch on here.

Equal and Opposite.

Many people ignore the opposite even if they knew Newton’s 3rd Law.
And in many ways the opposite is hidden from us. It is not as visible therefore we have ignored it.

When you are considering any, I mean any decision don’t just question why, you also have to do Why Not.

If impossible is possible then sometime possible might become impossible.

Think equal or opposite.


How clever are you? and How smart are you?

Do you ever think about this?

When you approach someone do you consider how clever they are compared to yourself.

Why do you need to know?
It is because if you can you should be able to spot opportunities.
It is that feeling that you can take control whatever it might be.

That you can out smart someone even if you are the less clever one.

For example, if you were running a race. You should know whether you can complete with other people. Then you will be in a better position to control strategy (or have a better plan)

Knowing your strength and knowing your weakness will help you find the best strategy. I am not saying you will win but you will achieve the highest based on your potential.

It is not how clever you are it is how smart you are!

Plymouth is promoted to the Premier League

I have been playing Football Manager (the new CM). After feeling feedup of winning everything with Arsenal. I’ve decided to take the cash-strapped Plymouth Argyle. Why because I went to school in Truro and the Green Army was the closest league team to us at the time. So everyone at the school sort of support them.

Wheel and deal with free transfer and loan young players from the primer league team has helped my Plymouth to a 4th finish in the league, just 2 points short of automatic promotion. But a penalty shootout win  Cardiff in the playoff semi was follow by an entertaining final which see us beat Hull 3-2 at Wembley.

I only have £250k budget to spend on new players.
So I can only hope to avoid relegation. Might be I can get a few Arsenal kids.

Football is great even if it is just a computer game.