RIP Professor Reg Mann

Prof. (Emer.) Reg Mann (passed away on Sunday, June 7, 2009) aged in his early 60s after a stroke.

He was my lecturer for “Chemical Reaction Engineering” at UMIST.

He was very well prepared but not a very good teacher. He is more fond of his research and company.

He once said to us student, he will charge us £125 per hour for asking him questions, same as what he gets from consultancy service.

Currently I am only a £85 per hour consultant and no where near his level. (if that was true).

Another memory I has was that he have created a computer programme for our course work. The programme would simple mark our coursework. Obviously saving his time for his research, company, and consultancy…

Of course it is not really a benefit to the students but I really admire the use of technology back then.

R.I.P Prof Mann

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