Surprise & Fun Tennis in Hong Kong

Sports used to be my addiction. It still is but now you would have to add “Wii” before and “Resort” after…haha

It was very rare when I got the chance to play tennis in Hong Kong. I used to play with my friend Will regularly when he was in Wigan. He is now working in Hong Kong. His boss is very fit and play sport nearly everyday. A game of doubles was setup. They managed to find another (good) player and we were all set.

I had to buy a new pair of trainers (being a size 12, this is difficult in HK), found my childhood racket underneath the bed (but needed a new grip) and borrow a pair of shorts from my dad. But the excitements are all mine…

I was very much looking forward to it even though I have not play for months. I know I would be rubbish.

We started to rally around and I was rubbish, balls flying off, into the nets etc, a few did get just over. Obviously I blame my racket. But never underestimate Simon, I always has some surprise brilliance up my sleeve.

My brain slowly started to remember my tennis skills and confidence grew.

We started to play sets and I was given the balls to serve first with Will receiving at the other end.

I did not even bother to think where I want to place my serve. I just want to get it over and in. What came was all natural. A pacey ace out wide, Will can’t even reach to get a touch.

That was a true surprise for everyone including me. Will’s boss said: “Will! Where the hell you find this guy!” Will: “I think he has just remember the Wigan days”

My next serve was to Will partner and a good player, I double-faulted and somehow came back down to earth. Next serving to Will for the second time and I nearly ace him again, ONLY for Will to just touch it. I can’t explain it but certainly brought some spice and fun to the game.

There were many good rallies and cheeky drop shots. There were also many comical misses and more aces for Will (Sorry!). By then it was not just a game, it was a FUN game. We were all chatting and having a great time.

My team won the first set comfortably and we change partners for the second set. Obviously me and Will (we the less talented) stayed on opposite teams. My team started to dominate the second set and were on course to win it comfortably when we were 5-2 up. Will and his boss came fighting back and provided some tense drama (which is actually more enjoyable then if we were to win 6-2) . They came back (well we kind of let them) to 5 games all, saving a couple of set points on the way. There were also close rallies when both team kind of got mixed-up, missed very easy shots. We were not playing tennis, we were just having fun. At the end, we broke and close out the game. So there it was, an extremely fun game of tennis. Will’s boss was even talking about a re-match the very next day. Shame my tight schedule won’t let me but next time definitely.

Lucky my serve (ace for Will), my surprised brilliance came out a few times and that I brought along some laughter and fun to the game.

Sometime it is difficult to explain but if we have played a million times and the feeling won’t be the same. My surprise serve won’t be a surprise and may be it won’t be as fun the next time.

While you are in a good moment, enjoy it while you can.

This is definitely a highlight to my trip in Hong Kong. Sports make me tick I guess…

Anyone fancy a game of tennis?

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