Office Christmas Party (1 of 2)

This is the first Office Christmas Party with our new colleagues from the parent company, the second one is this Friday just with ourselves and a few from the old company.

The Fashion Gear

Unfortunately I had a change of heart at the last minute, didn’t like the Boxfresh shirt I was going to wear. I was going to wear a Hamnett one, just remember I wore it before in one of my last 7 office Christmas dos. So I went with my not so posh River Island short sleeve stripe shirt. Even when I was picking the pair of shoes I was in two mind. I hear you shout: “Simon! You’re such a women!”

The Walk

I live in Castlefield andthe Hotel is in Piccadilly. I walk along the canal then on Portland Road. In all it took me about 20-25minutes. It wasn’t bad at all.

The Pre-Chat

There were two types of people from the new company.

  1. Young and here to have a good time
  2. Experience and here to let you know of their proud careers.

The Dinner

3 Courses Turkey christmass dinner cooked by a machine (I think) and served by a gang of daleks (I think).

The food was somewhat mass produced. The tomato soup was aweful, a canned soup would taste much better. The turkey was surprising well cooked and very eatable, the pudding was pretty standard stuff you can buy from the supermarket.

Now the waiters, the gang of daleks I refer them as eariler.

They dress in black and ten all come at once.
They all ask the same question – “Have you finished with that?”
They show both their hands, take the plates and run back to the kitchen all in one breath.
They come back out, stand in a line and starred at each other!

Please  self-destruct!

The Party

Normally our office support staff hit the dancefloor before anyone else, but this time they were overtaken by a man from the new company. He seemed to be enjoying himself very much !!! Not sure how many he had already.

The Dance-Off

Run DMC’s song came on and there was a dance off between the new company and ourselves. Dare I said we won 3-0.

1st Round – our breakdance seal won with no reply

2nd Round – our spinning-on-his-backside-man won with no reply

3nd Round – our afician-shoulder-electrical-wave-dance won with no reply

(PS I am currently practicing my MJ moonwalk every day! Might come handy in the next dance off!!!)

The After Party

Sorry this never existed, most of the bars were shut when we finished and some decided to go home then. So I walked home with the Manchester rain.


There was no surprises, no rumours, no gossips, nothing that happen shouldn’t have. Everyone was enjoying themselves, and time has travelled fast that night.

We are all looking forward to this Fridays, I am sure something more interesting and funny things will come up.

There is of course the pre and after drinks at my penthouse this Friday. I am not sure the after drinks will be feasbile, apprently the party don’t finish until 4am!

Let the force be with you!