An hour early

“An hour early” was a form of birthday present at my Boarding School. It was not really a present; it was more like a plank!

This involved changing his clocks, watches to an hour early while he is fast at sleep. So he would get up an hour early!

I don’t know if this still exist amongst modern boarding schools but this is a classic.

Of course I did get the same treatment. But I made them work hard! As in those days I never took off my watch, so it wasn’t easy for them to change the time on my watch without waking me up.

So they did, and so I did wake up at an hour early. While I was getting dress and ready for Breakfast, I was surprised that no one was up, everyone was still asleep. I turned on the radio a little to find out that I have been done. My roommates were pretending to be sleeping and started to laugh at me.

I said “You bast@rds!”, before I burst out laughing too!

I know I soon be another year older. Although I don’t have any roommates, but this morning the time on my alarm clock was set to an hour early. It must be me during my sleep! As I was about to leave the flat, I noticed the real time from another clock. I was done… by myself!

Happy Birthday to myself then, my inner self send me a present, thank you! LOL!

It means that I am at work an hour early, so I am finishing early, after all its date night on Monday nights!

Take Care

Goalkeeping Mistakes

My Goalkeeping CV

95-98 Truro School – 3rd Team

98/99 UMIST – 3rd Team

99/00 UMIST – Chem Eng Team

Then I retired!

I love playing in goal, even though I was rubbish! My reflex is very good, it is just my handling is poor, and so is my kicking.

The feeling of catching a ball or making a great save is magical! I rather save a goal than score one.

I can remember lots of great saves but I also can remember lots of mistakes too! Most of those mistakes end up giving goals away. (Even now, playing in 5-a-side!).

It is a huge understatement to say that I know how “Green” feels. Even a world class keeper makes mistakes. You are really playing with luck sometimes.

To a goalkeeper, you have to wait. You have to wait for a shot, a cross to come at you. A goalkeeper can only respond and play then. Sometime you only get one chance to show your skills. Lack of concentration will make you do silly things. Well Green you just have to wait until your next match. Although I think James should play, Capello will probably stick with Green. Finger crossed, you are not cursed with making blunders like me.

Simple Simon Happy Day

WoW! This is my 200 Blog Posts…

I am “Simple”, I am “Simon”, I am “Happy” and this was my “Day” today.

7:00am – Woke Up

7:15am – Got Up – Put my work face on and my HAIR up at a cool but looking professional angle

7:30am – Wondering around my flat to get myself more woken up

7:35am – Got dress, picked a tie!

7:40am – Left the flat, took the lift to the car park

7:42am – In the car, setup the TomTom, picked an album (Escala was today’s pick)

7:45am – On route to site

8:00am – Humming inside the car along the motorway, hurray! no traffic was stopping me today…

8:30am – Arriving on site, what a lovely sunny spring day…above the GIANT chimney…

8:45am – Met up with my manager

8:55am – Got kitted up, safety boots, hard hat, safety specs, big yellow jacket…

9:00am – Met the client

10:00am – Meeting over then went around for the site tour

10:30am – Breathing in and eating wood dust

11:00am – More breathing in and eating wood dust but now enjoying it!

12:30am – Lunch – Thank god, they ran out of “Wood” Chips.

12:35am – Talked Football

12:45am – Talked Chinese New Year

12:55am – Talked Hong Kong

13:00am – Talked Climate Change & Work

13:30am – Proper engineers’ discussions

14:00pm – More of above

15:00pm – More of above

16:00pm – More of above

16:45pm – Got into car, stayed in the car, first Tweeted then returned missed calls and voicemails, then checked emails

17:15pm – Drove off back to the office

18:00pm – Arrived at the office, my-happy-self said “GOOD MORNING” to people who were still there *joke*

18:05pm – A colleague said “He was worried by the cleaner’s ringtone last night when he was the last  one in with him. It sounded much like those religious music!”

18:06pm – Simon said “Don’t worry about it, but if he takes out a video camera with a tripod and some black curtains then run for your life!” Cracking up haha…

18:15pm – Got changed into my football kit sporting the Arsenal colours

18:30pm – Drove off to the football place

19:00pm – Kick off, started in goal – of course!

19:02pm – First Save

19:05pm – Second Save

19:07pm – Third Save

19:10pm – Fourth Save – lost count then…

19:15pm – Swapped and played outfield

19:20pm – Bad dribbling

19:25pm – More Bad dribbling

19:30pm – More Bad dribbling

19:40pm – Dribbled pass one, shaped to go left but went right, saw a gap to bottom right corner, curved the shot around a player and the goalie in the tight bottom corner GOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL (it was a good goal but very much dramatised by my words…heh!)

20:00pm – Game Over, said Goodbyes, drove home…

20:25pm – Got home, checked facebook, twitter, skype, emails

21:00pm – Dinner – just made something quick…

21:30pm – Writing this blog

22:00pm – Publishing this blog

22:30pm – Getting ready for bed

23:00pm – Updating this blog and checking my loudsy spellings and grammar.

23:30pm – Will be reflecting on a good day, feeling happy and smiling to myself

00:00am – Sleep & will be having a dream or two…(greedy me…)

Can a human video recorder be in “Heores”?

I am talking about my memory skill. Is it a skill or a ability? Is it Nature or Nurture?

Unfortunately I don’t have the answers. Nor I believe that I can be a character in Heroes. I mean what use would I be, I rather be Matt and read minds than collect vivid past memories in my head.

There are three things that I believed to have contribute to my so called “ability”

  1. I have a larger than normal head size. In side that large head, I have a larger size brain!
  2. When I was a child, my mum always reminded me that I was not as bright as others and therefore had to work ten time as hard to be on par.
  3. I had a very high temperature fever when I was young. Went to hospital and subsequently had to carry out a series of brain scans and monitoring to check if I had brain damage or not.

You might think that this is a good ability to have. Well let me tell you, there are disadvantages too.

I remember most times when jokes are on me. Mistakes that I have made. All the lack of courage moments when comes to talk to the opposite sex. Failures at school, uni and work. Any sporting disappointments and other other embarrassment. Over the years, I have learnt to suppress the negative memories and only bring out the positive ones for my blog.

Sometime I feel like an old man telling tales but my ability is still improving. There are still loads of space left in my human video recorder! Yes that’s what I am – a human video recorder, on continuous recording mode!

So you have be warned, if you tell me or show me something, I will most definitely remember that for LIFE!

But here I am living to find even more exciting, interesting, defining moment to treasure. Who wants to be in my video tape?

Simon’s Funny Find and Replace

Read my previous post Find and Replace.

What happen if you are built in to do your own Find and Replace.

It is very embarrassing, but it is so hilarious.

My history some far in this life!

Previous to Pervious

Terrority to Terrorist

Vegetarian to Vegetation

Pinic to Panic

There must be more but I am just cracking up now, will add more later.


I am a puzzle-solver

What am I on about!

I am not naturally clever, but very smart.

It is like a puzzle game.

I utilise a number of methods (tools, etc) to support and help me to solve puzzle quickly.

Obviously my key assess is my memory.

I used to call myself a librarian but no longer, I am now a puzzle-solver.

I live to solve puzzle. No matter how difficult, how many barriers, I am always up for a challenge.


Me and Sucess!

I can’t explain, I don’t know why.

But the feeling is strong.

I am a very independent person. From a young age, I am also very sensible, reliable and have lots of confidence.

But actually sometime inside I am quite shy and breakable.

Every time I have the same “pick me up feeling”

“I am destined for success!”

It is possible that I will never ever reach the level of success in my mind but this is my driving force.

To keeping going!

What makes you tick!

Let me look at this Simon’s way.

Is it something that you see?

Is it something that you hear?

Is it something that you feel?

Is it something that you do?

Whatever it is, you will feel it internally. Your brain will sense realx, enjoyment, happyness, comfort etc.

I always thought it was something else. But I have found mine this weekend. It wasn’t something I see, it was something I hear! And whatever that is, can’t tell you yet!


belle accent français

Beautiful French Accent.

I have already admitted previously that I like the French accent.

This week, I have been lucky enough to work on a site that has a lovely French girl.

It also remind me that while I was doing my MSc, I remember there was a French girl in my class.

I can’t explain to you why I like the French accent, but I do. It turns me over very quickly.

I should have said yes when she asked me to look around the plant with her!


Demotivate the Motivators

If I was the motivator, who motivates me.

If I was the organiser, who organises me.

If I was the leader, who leads me.

If I was the cheer leader, who cheers me.

If I was the trainer, who trains me.

If I encourage people, who encourage me.

I never give up, but for the first time, I am losing the will to fight.

Just look around you and ask yourself have you done enough for people around you.

Stop thinking YOUSELF for once, just question yourself, have you help, support even talk to other people enough.

We are who we are, but we are also what other people think who we are.

(I need a cleaner! see previous post on Hygiene Level)