The one Gooner Reason

When I was a kid, there was a program in Hong Kong called

“March to Wembley”

It shows FA cup games. Without any knowledge of football, you pick a team to support. This is normally by the colour of the kit they worn.

It is as simply as either Red or Blue. I follow the Arsenal is also relating to a piece of clothing too.

Not until I came over, it has became apparent amongst my boarding school room mates, I need to support a team (not picking a team by their kit). They suggested it that I pick a name out of the hat, which I refused and thought it was too random. What if I get Tottenham Hot Shit!

The school let us out on Wednesday and Saturday to go “Down Town”. That is the term, because my school is on the top of the hill. (When you are in the sixth form, you are also allow out, Friday and Saturday night to the pub!) I normal wondered in Sport shops, looking at cool surfing T-shirts. This sport shop I used to go, called Tony Pryce. They have a giant billboard with Ian Wright sporting the nike/arsenal kit. I have always felt it look great and he was and still is cool. Ian Wright Wright Wright

My cousin at the time, ran a Chinese Takeaway in Aldershot. He use to sent stuff down to me in Cornwall. Things like Chinese snacks, food etc.

One time, he went to a Nike Store and brought me a coat.. It was an Arsenal training coat. I have still got it at home in Hong Kong. So that was it, my first Arsenal merchandise and then I became a gooner.

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